Are 'AGT' Hopefuls Oskar and Gaspar Talented or Just Weird?
Are 'AGT' Hopefuls Oskar and Gaspar Talented or Just Weird?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The penultimate audition episode of America's Got Talent season 12 was an interesting one. There was no Golden Buzzer act in sight and while the quirkier acts made a strong first impression, they quickly gave way to splashier singers. Somewhere in that weird mix the unique act called Oskar and Gaspar made their debut. Oskar and Gaspar came out of nowhere and might just be the weirdest and most out-of-place act that America's Got Talent has ever seen.

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The level of showmanship with Oskar and Gaspar is quite impressive. The whole premise of the act, that there are three men who represent this mysterious duo of artists, is almost certainly completely fictional but still enthralling. Oskar and Gaspar most likely do not exist or at least do not exist under those names but that idea of them creates the right atmosphere for the act. Oskar and Gaspar know how to present themselves to America's Got Talent audience. The problem is that their talent might not necessarily belong on the show. 

It certainly takes talent to do what Oskar and Gaspard showed off on America's Got Talent. The level of skill, attention to detail and knowledge to program the light projection show that was displayed on judge Heidi Klum must be insane. It is also a very passive thing, however. 

Oskar and Gaspar are obviously not the first to use lighting and projection on America's Got Talent but usually the projection enhances an act. With Oskar and Gaspar the projection is the entire act. Despite how much preparation goes into it, once the play button is pressed, their job is over. This makes Oskar and Gaspar rather disappointing in comparison. It's a very cool act but also rather stale. The only person really doing anything was Heidi and she was just standing still.

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At the same time there is something mesmerizing about Oskar and Gaspar. It is the adult equivalent of shaking keys at a toddler to entertain them but it works. Oskar and Gaspar are nothing but very shiny and pretty lights, but they're entertaining nonetheless. It is more interesting, at least on a personal level, to watch Oskar and Gaspar than to watch another audition with a very talented singer singing the same Whitney Houston song. 

Oskar and Gaspar are very weird and they might not be the most dynamic act in the world. All the talent happens far before they get on stage. What they have going for them is that they're different and that's why they should hopefully do well in season 12. Given how many (great) singers have gotten Golden Buzzers and are going right to the Live Shows, America's Got Talent is going to need more acts like Oskar and Gaspar than a singer like Johnny Manuel. 

But what do you make of Oskar and Gaspar? Are they really talented or is it just a weird novelty? Do you want to see more from them or was once enough for you? 

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