'Arrow': How Prometheus Makes Oliver Queen Worthy of the Name 'Green Arrow'
'Arrow': How Prometheus Makes Oliver Queen Worthy of the Name 'Green Arrow'
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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It's been a long time coming on Arrow. Oliver Queen has protected Star(ling) City for a long time as the vigilante known as "The Hood" and "Green Arrow." But he's never really been worthy of the name. He's not been the DC superhero that so many fans knew him as.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing. Oliver has certainly been a good asset to the city. When he originally started, he just wanted to wipe out the names on his dad's list. Gradually that grew to taking down other criminals and protecting the city without necessarily killing. He worked with a team, attempting to lead now and then by making some of the hardest choices.

Prometheus Made Oliver Queen a Leader

Arrow season 5 was always going to be the year that the story did a full circle. The flashbacks would catch up with the pilot and Oliver would finally find his place in the world. That would mean he'd finally feel comfortable as the leader of Team Arrow; leaning on them so the constant weight of the world wasn't solely on his shoulders.

While the new team has helped him become a good leader, it's the villain of the season that has made Oliver Queen worthy of the name "Green Arrow." It is because of Prometheus--arguably the greatest villain Arrowverse has ever seen -- that Arrow is no longer a show of a group of people who just happen to work for the same cause. They have finally become a team.

Prometheus did something completely different to the rest of the villains. He wasn't after Oliver's life. He wanted to make Oliver second guess everything about who he was. This was a villain created indirectly from Oliver's actions way back in Arrow season 1. Rather than kill, he wanted to destroy deep within.

Green Arrow Refused to Give Up

It would have been easy for Oliver to give up. Just a few seasons ago, he likely would have. I can clearly remember the times that Oliver would disappear to the island or close himself off from everyone, believing that he needed to face his villains alone. The old Oliver would have done this again with Prometheus.

But knowing that Oliver's actions indirectly created Prometheus made Oliver change tactics. Rather than push his team away to protect them, he started pulling them in. He used them where he could, apologizing for his mistakes and working with them when and where it was necessary. There was a level of trust that he hadn't ever let through, even with Felicity and Diggle.

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Arrow is no longer a case of kill or be killed. Oliver has taken a step back to work out problems a different way, and sometimes that means using hacktivists. After years of keeping secrets, believing they would keep everyone safer, he has realized that some things need to be shared. He is willing to open up to those around him, moving on from his time on the island and everything else that happened (and completely changed him) in the five years he was missing. Prometheus has forced Oliver into questioning everything he once believed and understood.

Maybe this necessary character development would have happened eventually without Prometheus. However, it's been because of this excellent villain, portrayed perfectly by Josh Segarra, that Oliver Queen has finally become worthy of the name "Green Arrow."

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