Why Black Siren Still Deserves Redemption After Killing Vince on 'Arrow'
Why Black Siren Still Deserves Redemption After Killing Vince on 'Arrow'
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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Black Siren's possible redemption has kept viewers enthralled in her journey throughout Arrow season 6, but the latest episode called into question whether she deserves the effort from Quentin and the rest of Laurel's friends and family to try to redeem her. Even after killing Vince, though, Black Siren still deserves the chance to live a better life and become a hero, just like Oliver Queen and anyone else who has killed on this show.

Following Orders

While Black Siren did follow Cayden's orders and take out Vince, much to Dinah's chagrin, it was obviously clear she did not want to take another life. She killed Vince because a powerful man with the ability to take her out ordered her to do so. But Vince was also responsible for many deaths, too, as he was working for the villains alongside Black Siren, so how is it any different from Oliver Queen killing bad guys?

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We don't know what Cayden is holding over Black Siren or why she's part of this team (other than him saving her from the exploding Lian Yu), but we've seen many glimpses to another side of Black Siren proving she's attempting to make her life right and get back on track, maybe even following in the footsteps of her late Earth-1 counterpart. Before crucifying her for following Cayden's orders, we need to know what exactly is being held over her to keep her on the team she doesn't want to be on.

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Redemption Is for Everyone on Arrow

It wouldn't make sense for everyone in Star City to give up on Black Siren after one mistake -- even though that mistake was killing a man. First of all, how many of the characters we follow have killed someone for any reason? How many have killed bad guys as vigilantes? Right away, Oliver, Dinah, Thea, Felicity and Diggle are on that list. So why would Black Siren not be granted the same opportunity for redemption as all of them?

Not only the main characters, but villains who have tormented Oliver and his friends/family (and have even killed some of them) have had their chance at redemption and an open space in Oliver's life. Malcolm literally killed his own son in his plan to destroy the Glades, yet was welcomed back eventually as Thea's father and granted access to their lives. Slade killed Oliver's mother, yet Oliver still went out of his way to help Slade with his son during this season.

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Black Siren killed Vince, which Dinah is furious and murderous about, but it's not like she killed Thea or Felicity. Vince's death doesn't affect any of them besides Dinah, so why would Thea and Quentin suddenly question Black Siren's potential redemption because of this? There's still hope for her, as we saw from the heartbreaking scene of Quentin showing Black Siren clips of Laurel and how she silently protested against Cayden's plans, and she hasn't done anything worse than Malcolm or Slade. She still deserves a chance to make up for the terrible things she's done, just like Oliver was given.

What do you think? Does Black Siren still deserve her chance at redemption and a heroic life? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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