'Big Brother 19' Recap: Who Goes Home in Week 2?
'Big Brother 19' Recap: Who Goes Home in Week 2?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The second week of Big Brother19 featured a simple backdoor plan to take out Cody and, by just looking at the competitions and ceremonies, it worked beautifully. But nothing is ever simple in this house and there's been plenty of drama between secrets being revealed and injuries potentially impacting the game. With Cody, Alex and Ramses on the block, the outcome may be set in stone, but there's still a lot of fluidity in the game.

The Veto Ceremony Aftermath

The Josh vs. Cody/Jessica feud continues and she explains that Josh is just a pawn on both sides of the house being used by everyone. Josh gets into Cody's face calling him a fool who is going home. Paul goes to Cody and respects him for taking it like a man.

The Christmas Saga

Christmas needs surgery to fix the broken bones in her foot. She gathers the house and explains that she is being given the choice to leave for surgery and return to the house where she will recover or leave the game for good. She chooses to stay in the game. Cody feels no sympathy for her while she milks it for all its worth about her strength and perseverance.

Jessica talks to Christmas to try to mend fences. She explains that she didn't have anything to do with backdooring and only targeted her because she felt like Christmas was coming after her. Christmas responds that when she returned after her injury,Cody and Jessica didn't come down and express their concern and she felt like that was a personal attack. The whole thing doesn't go well and doesn't resolve anything.

Then Julie Chen reveals that Christmas will return to the game, but she hasn't been medically cleared yet and will be casting her vote from her hospital room tonight. This is getting ridiculous and at some point the producers have to just decide that she can't still play the game.

Cody Stirs Up the House

The HGs celebrate Dominique's birthday and Jessica cries because she's a Have-Not and can't eat the cake, plus she's forced to stand on the lily pads because of her VeToad punishment. Cody feels bad and decides to drop some bombs to try and save her. He goes to Christmas and tells her that Mark and Dominique came to him and told him to nominate Christmas. He throws them under the bus and tells her to work with Alex and Jessica.

On Wednesday night, Dominique hosts a talk show in front of all the HGs. She interviews the three nominees and no one cares about Alex or Ramses. When it gets to Cody, he is very open about not liking Paul from the start. Cody refuses to take Josh's questions. Dominique says that in week 1 there were organically created teams, which is way too much information to share. Cody adds that one or two people knew about the decision he was going to make and Mark gets offended.

Paul talks to Matt and Mark and says that Cody's bombs don't matter, but he's more offended that Dominique referred to an organic group and it basically exposed her big alliance with Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Paul and Christmas.

The Live Eviction

Alex is excited to be here and deserves to stay because she's competitive. Ramses thinks it sucks that he had to put himself in this position and it would suck if they take him out. Cody tells his kid not to be a beta and he's going to miss Jessica a lot.

Jessica votes to evict...Ramses
Kevin votes to evict...Ramses
Christmas (via phone from the hospital) votes to evict...Ramses
Raven votes to evict...Cody
Dominique votes to evict...Cody
Mark votes to evict...Cody
Jason votes to evict...Cody
Josh votes to evict...Cody
Elena votes to evict...Cody
Matt votes to evict...Cody

Cody is evicted 7-3-0!

Cody immediately removes his toad costume before leaving. It's very silent and he kisses Jessica. The HGs are very interested in the vote. Cody whispered to Jessica that he wants her to be his girlfriend. Cody stands by his decision not to tell anyone about backdooring Paul. He mocks everyone for being Paul's groupies. He says he'd take the same risks and he just hates the Den of Temptation.

The Battle Back

Julie tells Cody that next week there will be a Battle Back showdown, giving him a chance to get back into the game. Cody, plus Cameron, Jillian and whoever gets evicted next week, will compete and one of them will head back into the game. This will all be shown on a special Friday night episode on July 21. Cody doesn't actually believe her.

The HoH Competition

It's the Wall, the classic endurance competition where HGs must stand on a tilting wall and hold on as long as they can. Obviously Christmas can't play because she's still at the hospital. On the live show, they get sprayed with cold water.

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