'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Who's the Target After the HoH Competition?
'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Who's the Target After the HoH Competition?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Oh what a difference a new HoH makes on Big Brother 19. Following Cody's eviction on Thursday night a new HoH was crowned after an endurance competition and things quickly began to take shape.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Alex is the new HoH!

After a whole lot of scheming and backstabbing and manipulating, it looks like Dominique has become the primary target for the week. Things aren't looking great for her.

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There's been a lot of speculation about the three votes against Ramses, or at least the two who weren't Jessica. Mark has said repeatedly that he thinks it was Christmas and Kevin (which is spot-on), but no one else seems to believe that Kevin did it, thanks largely to Paul working overtime to vouch for him. Instead, a lot of the blame seems to be falling on Dominique, with the possibility that Mark also flipped, although many people seem to agree that Christmas was one of those three votes.

It doesn't help that Dominique has talked to Paul about her concerns over Elena, which Paul spreads around to help turn their dwindling group (Paul, Elena, Matt and Raven) against Mark and Dominique. Paul is also trying to save Christmas, but Elena, Matt, Raven, Mark and Dominique seem willing to quit on her.

Adding to this drama is that Paul also has a secret alliance with Alex and he basically gave her the green light to target Dominique and Mark. Paul is maintaining very good relationships with Kevin, Matt and Ravem, Elena, Alex and Christmas. Paul later went to Elena and explained that they may need to abandon ship from their group, specifically Mark and Dominique, and Elena was OK with that.

As for the outsiders, Alex and Jason are very tight and they seem to trust Kevin the most, though there has been some doubts about Kevin as the potential flipped vote in the last two evictions. Alex seems to really hate Ramses, Josh and Jessica while Jason is more on board with them, but Alex understands that they need to keep them around for now.

However, Alex is still not on board with Jessica, who is likely to be nominated alongside Dominique. As for Josh, he and Jason are very excited about the idea of targeting the insider alliance, though they seem to really want to take out Matt. Kevin is also on their side.

As of now, Alex is relying on Jason, Josh, Ramses, Kevin and Paul as the five votes she would need to take out Dominique if she's on the block next to Jessica. Swaying the others (like Matt, Rave, Elena and Christmas) may be trickier, and if Paul decides to stick with them, it could blow up in Alex's face. And if Dominique dominates the PoV, Christmas could be the alternative plan.

There are tons of different factions, fractures in big groups and a lot of drama unfolding. And with the Halting Hex Temptation and a Battle Back on the horizon, things are bound to get even crazier.

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