What States Are Home to the Most 'Big Brother' Houseguests?
What States Are Home to the Most 'Big Brother' Houseguests?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Big Brother has been around for 17 years, and during that time people from across the country have entered the house to try and win the game. But what parts of America are the HGs predominately from?

Which states boast the most HGs in the history of the show and which states have yet to be represented?

For all of this data, I only count the official hometowns listed from CBS and have included all 266 HGs over 18 seasons plus Over the Top (HGs who have played more than once are included separately for each time they played).

Which State Has the Most HGs?

It should come as no surprise that California, where the Big Brother house is located, is the home state of more HGs than any other. A total of 54 HGs (more than 20 percent of all of them) have come from California. It's also the only state that has provided at least one HG for every single season.

The record for most Cali residents comes from Big Brother 11, where seven of the HGs (more than half) were from California. Impressively, six of them made it to the jury, but the Final 2 were both from different states.

What Are the Top 5 States?

After California there's a big drop-off, but there are only five states that have provided more than 10 HGs. Combined, these five states represent more than half of all HGs.

54: California
27: Florida
24: Texas
22: Illinois
19: New York

Florida has become increasingly popular, as seasons 1, 3, 8 and OTT are the only ones without someone from the Sunshine State.

Illinois, thanks largely to Chicago, was very big early on (the first eight seasons all featured at least one HG from that state). However, it has died down recently as seasons 16, 17 and 18 didn't feature a single resident of Illinois (Kryssie from OTT broke that streak).

Texas had a slow start, with no one from the Lone Star State appearing in the first four seasons. But from season 14 to the present, there has always been a Texan on Big Brother, with four of them on season 15 and three in OTT.

New York had residents appearing in the first four seasons, but then there was a bit of a long dry spell that has only recently been resolved. Starting with season 14, NY has offered at least one HG every season (except for OTT).

What States Have No HGs?

Surprisingly, there are still 13 states that have yet to see a single HG, most of which come from that vast expanse of the Northwest between Chicago and Seattle. The 13 states without any HGs so far are:

New Mexico
North Dakota
South Dakota
West Virginia

Most of those states have some of the smaller populations in the United States, but there is one notable outlier. According to data from2016, Missouri is the 19th most popular state with over 6 million residents, yet no one from that state has ever been on Big Brother. Meanwhile, a state like Rhode Island, which has barely over 1 million people, has beenhome to two HGs (season 10's Michelle Costa and season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur).

Will any of the unrepresented states finally get an HG for season 19 or will the big five states continue to dominate the cast? Find out when the cast of Big Brother 19 is revealed on Monday, June 19 at 11am ET (8am PT) on CBS All Access.

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