Why It's Good (and Bad) That There's No Jury Buyback on 'Big Brother 19'
Why It's Good (and Bad) That There's No Jury Buyback on 'Big Brother 19'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
On Thursday's live eviction episode of Big Brother 19, Julie Chen announced to the house that the Top 11 all made it to the jury, something many of them have been talking about nonstop all season long. But Julie also revealed a huge twist. For the first time since season 14, no one from the jury will return to the game.

For the past four seasons in a row, there was always a competition where one of the first four or five members of the jury would get to return to the game, but thi will not be the case this year.

It's definitely nice to see the show switch up the game like this because the jury buyback has become such a regular occurrence that it's expected. It's also great news because it means the jury will be sequestered for less time.

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One of the complaints about last year is that when Da'Vonne, the first member of the jury, was evicted, she was at the jury house for 48 days before voting for the finale. She missed almost half of the game and some fans wondered if being absent from the game for so long impacted her vote because she didn't have a clear picture of what happened.

For Big Brother 19, next week's double eviction will send the first two people to jury, and they will only be there for 34 days before the finale. That's a huge improvement because the jurors will miss far less of the game.

However, there is one huge problem with the revelation that there will be no jury buyback. Why did Julie tell them? The motto of Big Brother is "Expect the Unexpected," but nothing about the game is unexpected is Julie tells the HGs what to expect.

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Part of the fun of the game is the rampant paranoia in the house because they don't know what's coming. Julie didn't tell them about the Battle Back ahead of time. Even with the Den of Temptation, the HGs always had to wait to find out the Curse and were forced to speculate and worry about what it could be.

But now there's no paranoia and nothing to worry about. As much as I prefer a simple, regular game without twists, I wish the show would stay consistent. Either tell the HGs ahead of time what's happening or don't give them any information about what will occur in the game. Don't give us half and half.

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