[WATCH] 'Criminal Minds' Sneak Peek: The BAU Investigates a Series of Backyard Pool Homicides
[WATCH] 'Criminal Minds' Sneak Peek: The BAU Investigates a Series of Backyard Pool Homicides
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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The BAU heads to California in Criminal Minds season 13 episode 10, when a series of backyard pool homicides are reported. In "Submerged," the team searches for an UnSub with a puzzling past.

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Watch the promo for "Submerged":

Check out a sneak peek of the case:

In California, newlyweds Larry and Wanda Robbins were found dead last night in their backyard pool; she was shot once in the chest, while he was gagged and drowned, weighed down by a cinder block. Jewelry was taken from her vanity. They're just the latest in a string of backyard pool murders in the area in the last two weeks.

The first victim was an 82-year-old widower, also found at the bottom of his pool tied to a cinder block and his coin collection is missing. Six days later, the second victim, a divorced man, was found the same way.

Law enforcement has been treating these as burglaries gone wrong, but if the UnSub's goal was just theft, he would've made sure no one was home. The UnSub wanted these people dead.

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Find out what the only connection between the victims is (so far):

All Garcia has been able to find that connects the victims is that they are all long-term area residents and had backyard pools. Also, bowling trophies are missing from the second victim's garage. The items taken from each place are so specific that the UnSub had to have some familiarity with his targets.

The woman was the only one shot, suggesting that the men are the UnSub's true targets. (While it is possible that the UnSub simply didn't bring along another cinder block to the Robbins' house, he doesn't strike Tara as the forgetful type.)

Lou Diamond Phillips guest stars as the local sheriff:

Sheriff Clifford reveals that the town has seen an increase in robberies lately, on account of the drought. The local economy is taking a hit; a big chunk of their revenue comes from tourism, specifically outdoor recreation (fishing, boating), but with everything drying up, they had to shut down the marina.

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