Derek Hough on the Difference between 'World of Dance' and 'Dancing with the Stars'
Derek Hough on the Difference between 'World of Dance' and 'Dancing with the Stars'
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As the only six-time champion in the history of Dancing with the Stars, fans will always associate Derek Hough with the ABC dance competition. At present, however, the pro dancer is sharing his expertise as one of the judges on NBC's World of Dance. Though both shows are dance competitions, there are several distinct features of the 10-episode series.

"They're two completely different shows. Dancing With the Stars is for people who are learning to dance, as opposed to World of Dance -- these are people who've dedicated their lives to dance. And it's open to the world. You know, we have acts from all over the world, and it's a $1 million prize. Just a huge, huge prize," Hough told Mic.

Besides the grand prize and the type of contestants who join World of Dance, Hough reveals that the judging system is also very different compared to Dancing with the Stars, where each judge gives a numeric score from 1 to 10.

"On World of Dance, we have a rubric that's out of 100 points and there's different sections. There's this iPad in front of us that says like 'performance' and that's 20 points, and you have 'creativity' and that's another 20 points, and you have technique and that's another 20 points. So you can really break [a dance] down into the nitty-gritty. It's very specific and justifiable as far as the score goes," he explained.

"You know, as a performer, I'd actually find [scoring] very hard sometimes on Dancing With the Stars. I'd think, wait, how'd I get a seven? It's just different, but [World of Dance] scoring -- it's a little bit more specific," Hough continued. "We're also able to judge 40 dancers onstage rather than just a soloist."

As for Hough's new judging gig, he says it fits right into his comfort zone despite spending years as a pro dancer. 

"People ask you, you know, 'Is it weird judging?' It's strangely not weird. I actually felt strangely comfortable straight away. Being a coach, and being a mentor, and being a teacher -- essentially what you're doing is analyzing and trying to make something better, and you're giving critiques, and comments, and encouragement. So really it's the same thing. Now I'm just doing it from behind a desk," he said.

"I will say that the stakes are very high. So when I see a dance I might think, wow that's amazing, but is it a $1 million dance? Is that the dance I'm going to look at and go, "here's a $1 million?" It's very competitive and very exciting," he added.

What do you think of Hough's new show? Do you enjoy him more as a judge or as a performer?

World of Dance airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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