Why 'Celebrity Big Brother' Casting Is to Blame for the Quitters
Why 'Celebrity Big Brother' Casting Is to Blame for the Quitters
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Celebrity Big Brother has featured two exciting Monday night live evictions, both including live Power of Veto competitions and potential shake-ups in the game. However, both of those nights ended with a fizzle as Keshia Knight Pulliam and Metta World Peace both begged their fellow houseguests to evict them because they wanted to go home, and they were given what they wanted.

Technically this isn't quitting since they got evicted, but it looks a lot like quitting and leaves a sour taste in fans' mouths. It detracts from the game when you have people who don't want to be there and have no interest in playing it. And with such a shortened season and so few HGs, to have this happen twice is just a bad look that derails the action.

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Still, I don't blame Keshia or Metta. Keshia's issue was more serious with her breast milk depletion, and Metta has made it clear for most of the show that he wanted out, even trying to actually quit multiple times and escaping from the house.

Instead, I blame the casting director of Celebrity Big Brother. While Robyn Kass typically casts the normal show, for the celebrity edition they brought in Deena Katz, who also does the casting for Dancing with the Stars (which might explain why five of the HGs previously appeared on DWTS).

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Though both DWTS and Celebrity Big Brother involve casting stars, they are two very different experiences. Big Brother is a much more psychologically demanding show as you're trapped in a house 24/7. But the real problem is that the quitting of both Keshia and Metta should've been easily predicted.

In her pre-season interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Keshia was asked directly if she would consider quitting the show if things got too hard. "I would," was her response. And in THR's pre-season interview with host Julie Chen, she said that Metta would have the most trouble in the house. "I don't think he knows what's happening. (Laughs.) We volunteered to give him DVDs of the show and he's like, 'Nah, I'm good.'"

Those both should've been massive red flags for the decision to cast either of these two people in the first place. If someone is willing to admit that they'd quit, they should never be hired in the first place. And Metta made it clear before going into the house that he had absolutely no interest in watching a single episode of the TV show he was about to be on or in understanding the basic rules of the game he was about to play.

Is it really that hard to find 10 or 11 celebrities who would actually be willing to be in the house for three weeks and play the game? Was it necessary to cast people who warned us before the show started that they might quit or that they had no idea what was happening? The other nine celebrities, even Omarosa, seem more than eager for the adventure and experience.

I'm not saying that every HG needs to be a rabid superfan like Shannon Elizabeth. But casting people who actually want to be on the show feels like the bare minimum they should strive for, and Celebrity Big Brother didn't even meet that low bar. If CBS renews the show for a second season, let's hope they learn from the mistakes of Keshia and Metta.

Do you blame casting or Keshia and Metta for their quitting, or do you not care about how they left?

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