'Dynasty' Series Premiere Recap: Nice Day for a Wedding - Let the Fights Begin
'Dynasty' Series Premiere Recap: Nice Day for a Wedding - Let the Fights Begin
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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The CW's Dynasty reboot held tight to its roots with a steamy modern-day, drama-filled, premiere. The hour long series started off strong and maintained its intrigue all the way through with the introduction of the Carrington family and those that live in their rich but dysfunctional world.

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Flying high on her personal jet, go-getter of the family, Fallon, took over the path her brother Steven should be on when it comes to the family business. Unfortunately for their father, Fallon is, well,  a girl. Her brother Steven is a homosexual, bleeding heart, liberal who lacks his father's cut-throat personality. 

Fallon isn't giving up though. She returns home as per her father's request, making a pit stop along the way to sleep with her father's chauffeur, Michael, who fills her in on her father's recent business transactions. One of which involves a possible deal with the Braves. She hopes this is it. She'll finally step up into the role of COO. 

When she arrives home to the sprawling Carrington manor, surprisingly, Steven is back from Haiti. Their father, Blake, has a major announcement and he wants both of his children there. He is engaged to be married and he wants them to meet his new love, Cristal Flores.

Call Me Mom

Cristal is a sweet brunette who works for Blake. And according to Blake, she isn't the type of woman Fallon will be able to chase away easily. That doesn't mean Fallon won't try. It's obvious that Cristal isn't as sweet as she seems because she is maneuvering the crazy Carrington family dynamic just fine so far. After a quick meeting with her soon to be step-children, Cristal takes off to meet her girlfriends to celebrate her engagement. Telling all of her friends just how much she loves Blake.

The next morning, Blake checks his email after Cristal gets out of bed. He has been sent a picture of Cristal and her ex-boyfriend, Matthew, meeting up the night before. He doesn't say anything but just goes with the flow and takes part in some elegant pre-wedding pictures outside pictures with his soon-to-be bride. He has invited his best field engineer to stop by the house. Matthew shows up. Fallon is eating it up while Cristal looks terrified. Matthew and Cristal pretend not to know one another too well. 

That night at dinner, things are extremely uncomfortable for the new family of four. Steven comes home. He is angry his dad sent him to look into a possible opportunity at Windbriar because the associate there was also gay. Fallon makes an obvious observation after hearing that Steven was sent - her father is a master manipulator. Cristal seems to agree after his Matthew stunt. Blake is left sitting at the dinner table alone. 

That night, Fallon takes it upon herself to hash out a deal for the Braves with an old acquaintance, Jeff Colby. She just can't seem to stop working, and working for her father's approval. Meanwhile, Steven sits on the sidelines, staying away from all of the chaos like Switzerland. Can you be this normal given the family he comes from? It is clear, Steven might have something up his own sleeve.

The Unexpected Black Sheep

Blake shows up at Cristal's. He has come to apologize. After sharing that Fallon was the source of the photo, Cristal is angrier than ever. But Blake has a proposal that will make her sour mood go away. He wants to move up the wedding date. Now Fallon is the angry one, and becomes even angrier when she comes home to see Cristal in a wedding dress. 

Cristal tells her new step-daughter that she has been offered the COO position. Fallon rips part of the neckline of her wedding dress prompting the two to tangle. The gloves are off. These two hate each other! It makes you wonder why Cristal would want any part of this family. We learn later that Cristal has something to hide when Sammy Jo, her nephew, shows up at the wedding and tells Steven that Cristal is the black sheep of their family.

The Wedding

The wedding has lit a fire of vengeance under Fallon. She makes a deal with Jeff after the ceremony that will allow her to run her own company, taking Windbriar as her first client and placing her father's company as her new competition. Blake is beside himself when Fallon rubs it in his face during the reception. Don't forget, she has the inside track on her father's company thanks to Michael. Let's see if he is willing to play spy still after Fallon leaves the wedding with Jeff arm in arm. 

Before taking off on her honeymoon, Cristal is pulled aside by the family butler. He knows all about Cristal after some digging. He wants her know, but he isn't going to say anything yet!

An Unexpected Death

While in the fields working for Blake, Matthew gets hurt after an explosion occurs. He is laying on the ground and tells his co-worker to call Cristal to tell her he is injured. His wife Claudia is the one who is notifed. She shows up at the Carrington's just when Blake and Cristal are out front with all their guests, saying their goodbyes as they head out on their honeymoon. 

Claudia's arrival shakes them all to the core when she gets out of her car yelling and crying at Blake for killing her husband. Cristal staggers in her heels a bit and looks like she might die of a broken heart.

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