The 10 Sexiest Male TV Characters of Summer 2017
The 10 Sexiest Male TV Characters of Summer 2017
Char  Little
Char Little
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Summer is quickly approaching and we are without a doubt ready for these guys to heat up the small screen. Whether they play a funny guy, a villain, a hero or just the everyday fellow, it's safe to say the sexy factor will be in full effect for summer 2017.

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#10 Linus Ahluwalia, Stitchers

Ritesh Rajan - Stitchers.jpg He definitely brings a different swag to the name Linus than most people might think of. (Cue Charlie Brown music.) Linus on Stitchers is dreamy to say the least. Plus he's smart and talented in various capacities from engineering to Zumba. What more could a girl want?

#9 Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones 

Jaime Lannister Game of Thrones .jpgIt's no secret that Jaime brings a little extra eye candy to Game of Thrones. Everything is set to come to a head in season 7 this summer and thankfully Jaime will be right there mesmerizing us with his lovely smirk and captivating eyes. Ooh la la.

#8 Lawrence, Insecure 

Lawrence on Insecure .jpg Fans everywhere rejoiced when it was announced that Insecure would be returning for a sophomore season and that Lawrence would be back as well. The last we knew, he was trying to move on with a bank teller who was a little too touchy-feely. But he's certainly not too hard on the eyes.

#7 Alex Cole, Casual 

Alex Cole Casual.jpg Alex is a perfect example of what a good beard can do to a guy's looks. Hopefully he'll be sporting it all summer long.

#6 Bob Lee Swagger, Shooter 

Ryan Phillippe on Shooter.jpgSwagger certainly lives up to his name, that's for sure. We've seen him in high-powered and stressful situations and he's always able to look sexy while overcoming them. And Isaac Johnson deserves an honorable mention.

#5 Deran Cody, Animal Kingdom 

Deran Cody Animal Kingtom.jpgYes, yes, Deran and his hazel eyes and great hair and perfect pecs will be gracing the small screen this summer. Have mercy!

#4 Gunnar Scott, Nashville 

Gunnar Scott - ABC.jpgHe's our favorite boy next door! We might see new faces in the upcoming episodes but thankfully this good guy will be on hand as well.

#3 Ralph Angel, Queen Sugar 

Ralph Angel Queen Sugar.jpgWhere to begin? Ralph Angel certainly stole the show in the first season of Queen Sugar as he fought to keep his late father's legacy as a farmer alive. But it's safe to say no one is complaining about his shirtless scenes either.

#2 Nick Clark, Fear the Walking Dead 

Nick Clark.jpgOk so he's not necessarily the best guy, considering his troubled past and mistakes that he can't seem to escape. But there's nothing sexier than a man who does what it takes to protect his family -- no matter how strange it is.

#1 Mike Ross, Suits 

Mike Ross USA.jpg Mike has always been a favorite since Suits first premiered on USA. But now that he's coming back this summer as a lawyer, not to mention the idea he actually got the status legitimately, Mike is hotter and sexier than ever. It'll be interesting to see if and how his lawyer status changes in the upcoming episodes.

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Who would you add to the list? Who are you the most excited to see this summer? Let us know in the comments.

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