15 TV Bosses You Definitely Don't Want to Work For
15 TV Bosses You Definitely Don't Want to Work For
Sundi Rose
Sundi Rose
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
These terrible, awful, no-good bosses will make your work life a living hell. They don't care about your boundaries or personal space. They don't give a crap if your kid's recital starts at 7 on the dot or that you've had the flu for three days. They're jerks, and unfortunately for the folks that work for them, they're the boss.

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Ari Gold - Entourage

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He's loud, misogynistic, abrasive and wound tighter than a spring. Ari Gold might be the most successful agent in Hollywood, but he's probably also one of the biggest abusers. If you worked for Ari, you would get cursed at, berated, belittled and every single thing would be your fault. 

Mr. Stevens - Black-ish

Mr. Stevens might be Dre's boss at his advertising firm, but he's kind a terrible guy. Racist, sexist, ageist and every other kind of -ist there is, I can't see why this guy is still even in business. If you worked for him, there's very little chance you would ever get respect, much less be taken seriously in any way. You would constantly have to fight the urge to punch him right in the nose.  

Cersei Lannister - Game of Thrones

gameof thrones.jpg
She'll murder you. That's about as bad as it gets as far as workplace conditions. You can never change jobs, relocate or consider any sort of lateral moves, because she will kill you dead and step over your body as she leaves the room. Worst boss ever. 

Mr. Burns - The Simpsons

He's the classic workplace villain. Actually, he might just be a classic villain, generally. He has no moral compass, no guilt about destroying humanity and has some problematic interpersonal skills. He's corporate scum at it's lowest, and as an employee of his, you would definitely be treated like a faceless cog in the wheel. He'll grind your soul to dust. 

Michael Scott - The Office 

He's not menacing or dangerous. He's just hapless and desperate. These make for a troublesome 40 hours. Employees of Dunder-Mifflin constantly have to contend with his antics, which can be particularly problematic if you depend on selling paper to pay your bills. With Michael around, there's never much time for real work, so it gets hard to earn a living. 

Selena Meyer - Veep

She's angry. A lot. Whether or not the crisis at hand is her fault, she's always going to yell at you. She'll make it your fault and punish you far harsher than you deserve. She will also use the most colorful language in the world to berate and assault you. You better have a thick skin to work for Selena Meyer. 

Cookie Lyons - Empire

Sure, you'll get some major style inspiration and learn to be a boss, but you'll also get hit with a broom handle or a shoe thrown at you. Prone to tantrums, violent outbursts and yelling jags, it's a volatile work environment to say the least. You can't talk back, have a dissenting opinion, or even look like you might disagree. Or else. 

Frank Underwood - House of Cards

He's a scary dude. Even when he's not raging, plotting and eliminating threats, he's still quite the formidable character. He's ruthless, and that's what makes him so dangerous. If you oppose him, he won't think twice about eliminating you. One day you're getting his coffee and answering his phone, and the next you've vanished like you never even existed. 

Walter White - Breaking Bad 

breaking bad.jpg
The worst part of working this drug dealer would be just how secretly sinister he is. By day, Walter White is a mild-mannered high school teacher, but at night and on the weekends he's a dangerous kingpin who would just as soon watch you choke than lend a hand to save you. You wouldn't ever see the scary stuff coming with him for a boss. 

Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon's mostly harmless, but as one of the smartest men in the country, he's impossible to please. He's persnickety to a level that any normal working person might not be able to handle. It will become far too wearying to constantly be told how incompetent you are, and holding your temper would be practically impossible. 

Meredith Grey - Grey's Anatomy 

Meredith is a brat. She has little to no sympathy for whatever you have going on, and she's certainly not going to offer any empathy. You better do what she says, when she says it, or she will make your life miserable. 

Tony Soprano - The Sopranos

With mob boss Tony Soprano as a direct superior you're gonna have to do a lot of illegal stuff. You will not be allowed to equivocate, justify or excuse yourself out of all these misdeeds or your loyalty will be questioned. You toe the line or you get whacked. That's about the extent of the job security you're going to receive. 

Mackenzie Murphy - The Mick 

While technically nobody's actual boss, Mick (Mackenzie) tries her best to run her newfound household. Inconsistent, mostly drunk and completely inept, Mick can't offer any sort of leadership. If you worked for her, you'd mostly be on your own. This might sound like a good gig, but you would inevitably have to spend most of your time putting out fires she created. 

Madeline Mackenzie - Big Little Lies

Maddie is a total perfectionist. As a full-time homemaker and part time theatre advisor, she wants every single thing to be exactly right. Nothing you ever do will be the way she wants it, and you will always have to do things over and over again, no matter how great you are at your job. 

Joan Crawford - Feud

We all know what Joan can be like as a mother (watch Mommie Dearest, if you don't), but now we know what she's like as a boss. As an actress, there's no real specific job requirements, except catering to her every alcoholic whim and vain tendency. You'll be forced to clean up empties, massage her neck and host all her social calls, and you probably wouldn't ever get paid for it, since Joan Crawford is notoriously broke.   

Which TV boss did I leave out? Who would you hate to work for? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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