'Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars' Recap: The Top 7 Fight for Black Jackets
'Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars' Recap: The Top 7 Fight for Black Jackets
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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We have come to a very pivotal time in the Hell's Kitchen competition. It is time that the remaining seven All-Stars compete for the highly coveted black jacket. Chef Gordon Ramsay will only be handing them out to the top five contestants, though. So, you know what that means! Things are going to shake up very quickly.

The all-stars join Ramsay in the dining room to hear him introduce a magician and his assistant, David and Dania. Every time Dania steps into a magic bag, David raises it over her head, shakes it and presto change-o, she's changed her outfit. For the final trick, the scene is flipped and David steps out of the bag wearing the black jacket! The contestants go wild with excitement. The chefs will face three very difficult challenges. 

Taste It, Now Make It

In 45 minutes, Jennifer, Michelle, Elise, Robyn, Nick, Benjamin and Milly must taste the prepared dish and mimic the 16-ingredient model. While presenting their dishes to Ramsay, Elise is uncharacteristically unsure of herself, forgetting the ingredients she used to create what is set right in front of her. She manages to find her words, but loses the round and the first black jacket to Milly who gets three of the four major components correct. Also receiving a jacket from this first round is Nick. He and Milly are free to sit out of the rest of the challenges in the Black Jacket Lounge.

The Black Jacket Lounge is stocked with a full bar, Foosball table and a masseuse! (Where did this magical room appear from?)

Under the Dome

The second challenge consists of domes, hiding secret ingredients. With the sound of each whistle, the all-stars are to lift the dome, grab a hidden ingredient and cook until the next whistle sounds, prompting them to repeat the steps with each uncovered ingredient. In the end, the following five chefs will have very unique dishes. Again, Elise slips up, leaving the "poop sack" in her lobster. This gives way for Michelle and Benjamin to join the Black Jacket Lounge party. 

Jennifer, Elise and Robyn are the final three contestants fighting for that last black jacket. All three women return to the dorms with tears streaming down their faces. The alliance that was formed in the last episode has now dissipated. Jennifer tells Robyn that if she doesn't make it, she must beat Elise. 

Chef's Choice

They return to Chef Ramsay for the final challenge: Chef's Choice. They have 30 minutes to cook whatever they wish. The four Black Jacket winners are now able to watch what goes on in the kitchen by way of a big screen that magically turns on. The pressure continues to get to Elise as she falls even further down the rabbit hole, making what looks to be a rookie mistake, tossing her potatoes in the Vitamix. She isn't the only one feeling the heat, though. Robyn changes her protein with well under 15 minutes left. Jennifer is the only one looking and cooking strong. 

The Black Jacket Lounge screen has turned off and it's the moment of truth as the 30 minutes end. Ramsay observes and tastes each dish presented by the nervous bottom three. Robyn receives a "special" review for her lamb dish. Elise's potatoes may be a "bit strange," but her filet mignon is tender. Lastly, Jennifer's slightly under-cooked scallops still have the personality Chef Ramsay looks for. So, who takes the last jacket? 

Going home tonight are... Elise and Jennifer.

After a very close finish and recruiting both Chefs Christina and Jocky to help taste and decipher which dish is better, Ramsay announces that Robyn will be rounding out the Top 5 and receiving a black jacket. While Jennifer is sad to be going home, anyone can see how elated she is to finally have redemption against Elise, edging her out in the competition. Ramsay joins his finalists and celebrates with champagne.

Is this the Top 5 you envisioned? Are you happy the witch is dead, and Elise finally got kicked out of the competition? Leave your comments below and join the conversation!

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