10 Most Memorable Moments of 'Nashville' Season 5
10 Most Memorable Moments of 'Nashville' Season 5
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Nashville dealt viewers a terrible blow by killing off the Queen of Country, Rayna Jaymes. It was both shocking and tragic. 

The rest of season 5 dealt with the effects Rayna's death had on her family, her friends and her struggling Highway 65 record label. Here are the most memorable moments of Nashville season 5.

10. Maddie Performed on the American Music Awards' Stage
Episode 22 - "Reasons to Quit"


Maddie performed her nominated song at the awards show. In the end, Katy Perry won the award, but Maddie put on an incredible performance. Rayna would be proud. 

9.  Rayna's Stalker Cornered Her
Episode 8 - "Stand Beside Me"


Rayna's stalker, Carl Hockney, hid all night in a closet at Highway 65's office so that he could be alone with Rayna. While her security was outside the building, Hockney held Rayna prisoner in her office with a knife. He was very agitated, and Rayna finally managed to phone for help. After Hockney was arrested, the police car that Rayna was riding in was hit by another vehicle. Talk about having a bad day!

8. Gunnar Called It Quits
Episode 22 - "Reasons to Quit"


After Gunnar returned from being on the road with Avery, he told Scarlett that he had time to reflect on his life and do some soul-searching. Just before they took the stage at the Bluebird Cafe, Gunnar told Scarlett that he was breaking up with her. A tearful and stunned Scarlett struggled to perform on stage with Gunnar, now that they truly were over. 

7. Daphne Struggled with Depression
Episode 11 - "Back in the Saddle"


After losing her mother, Daphne became withdrawn and depressed. Her school work suffered, and she met and befriended a homeless girl while skipping school. Deacon knew how much pain she was in, and he gently and lovingly tried to help her. He even let Daphne's new friend, Liv, move in temporarily. 

6. Maddie Confronted a Police Officer During a Traffic Stop
Episode 14 - "(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I


Nashville managed to examine the issue of racism when Clay and Maddie were pulled over by the police. Clay, who is black, tried to obey the instructions given by the police officer. Maddie became angry when the police officers refused to answer her questions about why Clay was being treated differently. She accused them of being racist and stopping Clay because he was black. Maddie filmed part of the confrontation, before she and Clay were detained for failing to follow an officer's instructions. 

5. Deacon Stepped into the Spotlight
Episode 21 - "Farther On"


Deacon had played at the Grand Ole Opry several times backing Rayna and other musicians. When he received an invitation to be "in the circle," which means he is the star of the show, he hesitated. In the end, an emotional Maddie told him that Rayna would be proud. Deacon took the stage and dedicated his set to Rayna. It was a magical moment. 

4. Gunnar and Scarlett Were Attacked
Episode 18 - "The Night Before (Life Goes On)


After they stopped one night for some groceries, they were approached by a group of teens who asked Gunnar to buy beer for them. When he refused, the teens pulled a gun. Now they wanted Gunnar and Scarlett's wallets. Gunnar handed his over, but when Scarlett fumbles with the grocery bag and spills milk on one of the teen's shoes, he shoves her hard and pistol whips Gunnar. Sadly, Scarlett suffered a miscarriage the next day. 

3. Maddie Discovered that Juliette Stole a Hit Song
Episode 19 - "You Can't Lose Me"

rsz_nashville_seas_5 - Maddie -throws-drink.jpg

The truth came out at Juliette's record-release party when Maddie ran into Travis, the songwriter for Juliette's big hit, "Water Rising." Travis told Maddie that even though she didn't want to record that song, he hoped that they could work together in the future. Maddie felt betrayed by her friend and mentor, and tossed a drink in Juliette's face. 

2. A Tribute to Rayna
Episode 10 - "I'll Fly Away"

At the CMT awards, Juliette was scheduled to sing a tribute to Rayna. At the last minute, Juliette decided that Maddie should sing the song. Maddie was nervous, and she started to sing her mother's hit, "Sanctuary." Maddie broke down in tears, and Deacon and Daphne ran onstage to hug her. Daphne walked to the mic, and softly started to sing, joined by Deacon and Maddie. What an amazing tribute. 

1. Farewell, Rayna Jaymes  
Episode 9 - "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Everyone gathered at Rayna's bedside as they all spent special moments with her. Daphne's school choral group decided to have their concert in Rayna's hospital room, and it was lovely until Rayna had to be rushed to the ICU. Before she lost consciousness, Rayna asked him to promise that he would be strong and take care of Maddie and Daphne. Deacon and the girls sang "A Life That's Good" one last time for Rayna before she died. It was heartbreaking and lovely at the same time. 

Did your favorite Nashville moment make our list? What did you think of season 5? Did you feel that it was too sad? Let us know in the comments!

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