5 Reasons 'NCIS' Needs to Show More of New-Dad McGee
5 Reasons 'NCIS' Needs to Show More of New-Dad McGee
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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McGee admitted that he is filled with guilt in the latest episode of NCIS. When he's at work, he feels guilty he's not at home. When he's at home, he feels guilty he's not at work. It's that catch-22 situation that many working parents find themselves in. They want to provide for their family, but at the same time they want to be there for their family. How do parents manage it all?

New-Dad McGee was a super sweet element to the episode and he needs to return more. Here are five reasons why it's so important.

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#1. Remind Parents They're Not Alone

It can often feel like you're alone as a new parent. While you want to be happy and joyful, it can feel like everyone around you is being let down. Sometimes this guilt can be embarrassing. However, new parents aren't alone with this feeling and it's essential for a popular TV show to reflect that. NCIS has the perfect opportunity to show that through New-Dad McGee.

#2. Let Fathers Know It's Okay to Feel Guilty

Most of the guilt falls on the mom. At least, that's what it can feel like. TV shows constantly focus on mothers returning to work and trying to juggle it all. That same focus is rarely put on fathers, leaving many men feeling like they shouldn't feel guilty, that it's only a mother's job to try to balance it all. That's not the case at all and McGee has the chance to prove that through his story as a new dad.

#3. Show It's Okay to Turn to Colleagues and Friends

The NCIS team is more than a bunch of colleagues. They're a family. That has been proven over and over again. However, even with that knowledge, McGee felt ashamed as he handled the guilt. Abby and Reeves went out of their way to figure out McGee's super power and stepped in before it got bad. They made it clear that it's okay to turn to colleagues and friends; it's okay to be human. This is important in a world where it seems all we should do is work ourselves into an early grave.

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#4. See That It's Possible to Find Balance

By showing New-Dad McGee more, NCIS can show that it's possible to get a balance in home and work. Fans will get to see how McGee manages to be a good dad and a top agent at the same time. Sometimes it can seem like wishful thinking or a dream, because it's not something touched on too much in TV. By showing it through NCIS, the writers give hope and practical help to struggling parents. They show it really is possible to get that balance.

#5. That Parenting Doesn't Come Easy

Some parents just seem to have it all. They seem to be constantly in control, managing different tasks, routines and needs. What many people don't see is what goes on behind closed doors. A mother or father may be able to manage their children in public and look like the perfect parent, but in private they have laundry piling up and dishes from the night before that still need to be washed. Showing New-Dad McGee will show that the perfect parent doesn't exist and that's totally fine. Parenting doesn't come easy, but it's hard work worth doing.

Do you want to see more New-Dad McGee on the series? Would you like to see him jump between the parent role and his job as an agent? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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