5 Reasons Seeing Vance with His Family Was So Important for 'NCIS'
5 Reasons Seeing Vance with His Family Was So Important for 'NCIS'
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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While NCIS focuses on the core team and touches on their personal lives, it's not often Director Vance is in the limelight. The latest episode didn't just involve him in the case, but focused on his life at home. It was an important reminder that he's a crucial member of the team, but does have a life outside. Showing Vance's family and home life is a powerful movement for the episode, especially one that was directed by Rocky Carroll himself. Here's a look at five reasons seeing Vance with his family was so important.

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#1. A Reminder of Life Outside

With less screen time for Vance, it's easy to forget about the man outside of the office. NCIS reminded us that he does have a life outside; that there is someone waiting at home for him. Even Gibbs brought up the fact that Vance has family to go home to, unlike him. While much of the show focuses on the cases and work life, there is a side that helps members of the team relate to victims and even criminals.

#2. A Connection to the Case

"Family Ties" in particular was a poignant episode to see Vance with his family. The events with his daughter somewhat mimicked the events of the case. They both involved young girls covering up for people and getting themselves into legal trouble by mistake. Vance had empathy for Genevieve and the family and it was easier to understand why with the reminder of his home life.

#3. A Single Father Trying His Best

NCIS made the point of reminding us that Vance is a single father in a successful career. The only other show to remind us that there are successful single fathers out there is the newest Black Lightning. Of course, the latter isn't quite the same as Vance's storyline, but they both make the point that men can have it all, that this view of the struggling single father isn't always the case. Fathers can empathize and understand their daughters, rather than pushing them away. Vance took the time to understand his daughter and her actions, rather than alienating her.

#4. It's Okay to Turn to Subordinates

As the problems with his daughter intensified, Vance decided to turn to his subordinates. This is very rarely touched on in TV shows, even in NCIS, but the show took a risk with this. He initially talked to Gibbs and then turned to Jack to help understand his daughter. There was no judgment from either of them. They acted as friends, getting to the bottom of the situation.

#5. Things Don't Always Get Easier

There's the view that it's easier when you have more experience. That isn't actually the case. Seeing Vance with his family proved that things don't get easier further up the career ladder. While Vance may have his job as the Director of NCIS secured, his home life isn't perfect. During this, he showed us that it's okay to struggle, as long as you're willing to grow at the same time.

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