Could 'NCIS' Have Handled Kayla's Story Better?
Could 'NCIS' Have Handled Kayla's Story Better?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Director Vance learned his daughter had been arrested for stealing on NCIS' "Family Ties." In the end, it transpired she'd took the fall for a friend, who could have lost her chance at college had she been arrested. Vance was proud of his daughter, but fans have taken to social media to share their disappointment in the storyline. Was it right or could it have been created better?

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The Wrong Thing for the Right Reasons

Kayla's actions look positive, despite the fact that she broke the law. She helped a friend in need and did an selfless act. It's a personality trait that many would hope their children aspire to. But while the intentions were positive, the actions were not.

Nobody is denying that what Kayla did was with good intentions. What many fans are angry at is the fact that there were no repercussions from Vance. He accepted that she had taken the fall for someone else, assuming that she would get off lightly since it was a first offence. Fans are angry at the message that it shows young people with dreams of college.

Kayla Is Enabling Her Friend

Another consideration the NCIS writers failed to think about was how Kayla is enabling her friend. Mandy had a track record for stealing. The other instances were as a minor, but she still had a habit. Stealing can be like drugs and alcohol; it can develop into an addiction. All Kayla has done is enabled her friend to continue stealing.

Vance didn't bring this up. He never mentioned that Mandy still needs to change her ways. What will Kayla do the next time Mandy decides to steal? What if Kayla is 18, so will be tried as an adult? Vance should have discussed something like this with Mandy when at the door, making it clear that it had to be a one-off or he would make sure everyone knew the truth.

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No Punishment for a Good Deed

Because of her unconditional offer to college, Kayla isn't going to receive any direct punishment on that front. While she mentioned that she would possibly get community service, she isn't being punished at home for her actions. Vance views it as a good deed, but this sets a bad example for young people watching.

They will see that if Vance can be proud and supportive then their parents will too. However, plenty of parents have said that they wouldn't be supportive of their children. Parents would be still angry at the risk their children took to protect a friend, a friend who may or may not change their stealing ways.

Do you think NCIS got it wrong on this occasion? Does there need to be more on this story from Vance? Does Kayla need to see that it was the wrong thing to do, despite the good intentions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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