'NCIS': Did Gibbs Know Jack's Real Whereabouts During the Interrogation?
'NCIS': Did Gibbs Know Jack's Real Whereabouts During the Interrogation?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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It's not like Gibbs not to know what is happening outside the interrogation room on NCIS. He usually has an idea that his team members are watching, especially if there's a chance he will do something questionable. While he told Jack to leave him to his work, there's a high chance that he knew she was going to watch. Even if she is new, he knows enough about her already to create his own expectations. Here's why he likely knew she was watching.

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He Didn't Wait for Her to Leave the Hallway

Despite telling Jack to go back upstairs, he didn't wait for Jack to leave the hallway. Usually, he would make sure someone was gone if he wanted to do something questionable or uncomfortable for the other person. He may even walk them out to make sure they had something to do. This would have been harder with Jack, but not impossible. As it was in the episode, there was no reason for him to believe that Jack followed his suggestion.

Jack is a curious woman as a behavioral psychologist. Gibbs knows that she monitors people and analyzes them, so watching him interrogate a suspect when she couldn't make the suspect break would be interesting for her. He would have been surprised if she didn't watch the interrogation.

Gibbs Has Already Proven He Knows Her

When Gibbs and Jack first met, he already knew who she was. She'd told him a story in her first NCIS episode about her car breaking down. When he was called into work, he happily allowed her as a stranger to stay in the house and lock up behind her. This wasn't because he trusted her as a stranger, but he knew the game she was already playing.

He's already proven he knows her, so why would this latest instance be any different? Jack would be compelled to watch him, giving her the chance to analyze him further.

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The question is why he wanted her to watch. One theory is he just knew that he couldn't get rid of her. She was going to hang around for the answers from the suspect if he talked, since she couldn't break him. Attempting to convince her to leave would pique her interest more.

Another theory is that he wanted to prove he was the better interrogator. NCIS never showed the actual interrogation. We saw Gibbs turn off the camera, suggesting he was going to do something questionable. Whatever he did got the answers he wanted. The two enjoy friendly banter and this would just be another one of those cases. Jack would realize she needs to get one over on Gibbs in the future, continuing their growing relationship.

There was also the chance he was just willing to show the lengths he would go to protect his team. It's a side of Gibbs fans have seen, but he hasn't let Jack see that yet.

Did you think Gibbs knew Jack was watching? Was it a game between them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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