'NCIS' Recap: Can Gibbs and Ducky Solve a 16-Year-Old Case?
'NCIS' Recap: Can Gibbs and Ducky Solve a 16-Year-Old Case?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Ducky and Abby take the main stage in this episode of NCIS season 15, titled "One Man's Trash." With American Pickers host Mike Wolfe guest starring, it's set to be full of antique twists and turns. Will Gibbs, Ducky and Abby finally put a 16-year-old case to bed? Does Mike have the murder weapon that will give them the missing piece to the puzzle?

Gibbs and Ducky Get Their Puzzle Piece

The episode starts with Ducky running an episode of American Pickers in the background while talking to Casey, a woman who is helping Ducky write his book about his past cases. During the episode, Ducky sees a Viking war stick and immediately calls Gibbs. They believe this was the item they were looking for to solve a murder committed 16 years ago.

The problem is that the episode was filmed three months ago, so the couple who had the war stick in the episode sold it to Mike Wolfe. Now they need to find Wolfe to get the stick back and figure out who sold it to the couple a decade ago.

Mike isn't too hard to find. While he doesn't really want to give it up because it's become a good luck charm, he does hand it over without a fight.

Meanwhile, the couple finds the card of the man who sold them the war stick, sending NCIS on a journey to find Roy Baxter, a guy known by collectors and now an antique store owner. By the time NCIS get to Baxter, he's been killed and potentially by the person who used the war stick 16 years ago.

While the store had a security camera, the system is outdated and only takes stills every 15 seconds. However, they do get a name and go to their next suspect. The colt that the collector, Clarence Wyatt, has in the security footage is actually an antique that he was buying. He leaves NCIS his card and offers help if needed in the future.

Casey Finds a Necessary Connection

It's Casey who is able to help further the investigation. After fangirling over everyone in Ducky's book, she uses her contacts to get information about the one-of-a-kind war stick supposedly in storage. Gibbs and Bishop search the storage, only to find the item missing. They do find the original scene of the crime when Bishop finds old, dried blood in one of the wooden crates.

The blood does match the petty officer from the 16-year-old murder. Nobody ever mentioned about the petty officer going to a storage unit, so NCIS moves on to figuring that out.

NCIS pull in the petty officer's friend, Bill, for questioning. They want to check out his statement and find issues with statements from his work place. Bill was supposedly on duty, so he couldn't have been having a beer at the time. It turns out that he may have lied, but he didn't kill anyone. It's just another red-herring for the episode.

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Bishop Has a Collector Question

Meanwhile, Bishop has figured out a problem with the collector, Clarence. She's found that there was never a mention of the colt belonging to Patton, and Baxter wouldn't have left something like that out of the provenance. It suggests that Clarence lied, which means he's likely covering something up.

Going back over Clarence's life, they find a potential connection. The problem is it is too circumstantial, until Torres grabs Clarence's titanium business card. There's a chance there's touch DNA that matches between the card and the boxes.

Why Doesn't Casey Like Abby?

As well as getting Ducky back, there's also plenty of Abby moments. Casey stays with Abby while there, and Abby worries that Casey doesn't like her. Abby decides that lollipops may be able to give her the way in to make Casey like her. That doesn't work, and Casey continues to act strange around Abby.

It turns out that Casey also has a forensic science degree. The two are forced to work together, which means they have a chance to talk. Casey admits that Abby is like The Beatles and she is a major Abby fan. While they chat, Casey finds a tiny bit of skin in the wood, which has Clarence's DNA.

When Gibbs and Ducky deliver the news, Clarence finally confesses. It's time for Ducky to finish up his book.

Did you guess that it was Clarence in the end? What did you think about Casey? Had you guessed why she wasn't speaking to Abby? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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