'NCIS' Winter Premiere Recap: Bishop and Torres Go Undercover
'NCIS' Winter Premiere Recap: Bishop and Torres Go Undercover
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Last time on NCIS, Jack and Torres were stranded in Afghanistan when they served on a senator's protection detail.  Jack had been to that base previously, and there were some cryptic clues about her past.

In the winter premiere of NCIS season 15, titled "High Tide," Torres and Bishop go undercover as criminals to bust an illegal drug ring. I love a good undercover story!

Bishop is Bad

We kick off aboard a luxury yacht at the Norfolk Naval Civilian Marina. A man named Turner hears someone knock and invites a very sexy, little black dress-wearing Bishop inside. The man wishes himself a happy birthday, and Bishop asks if he called for a date. Bishop, who is going by the name of Charlie, wants the cash up front. Torres, who is playing the part of Luis, barges in and confronts Bishop. Bishop tells her client that Luis is her ex, and she tells Luis she is trying to work. While Torres distracts the man, Bishop clips a cloning device to her client's phone. The befuddled client pays them and tells them to leave, and Bishop and Torres upload Turner's cell.

Now NCIS can listen to any calls that Turner makes, and it is a good thing because Vance is on a mission to stop an enormous amount of fentanyl that is being somehow smuggled onto the base. Torres thinks that the smartest play is to follow Turner.

Turner's phone gets a text that someone is going to stop by to buy drugs. Instead, Turner is supposed to shoot them. Back in M-TAC, Vance orders Torres and Bishop to stop the murder. As Torres and Bishop head back to the yacht, Torres is regaling Bishop with tales from another one of his undercover operations, but he is interrupted by the yacht exploding. Yikes!

Not Backing Down

McGee, Gibbs and Reeves go to the site of the explosion, and there is some troubling news -- neither Torres nor Bishop are answering their burner cell phones or their home phones. Reeves watched footage of the marina and doesn't believe that the duo had enough time to make it to the boat. A body discovered is that of Turner, and he is sporting a single gunshot wound to the head. 

Mr. Lane arrives and insist that he be let onto the dock. He angrily asks what has happened to his boat. He rented it out to a kid and claims not to know anything else. Just then, Bishop texts from her burner phone that they are okay. 

Bishop and Torres meet Gibbs and Vance at the diner. Torres is sporting some serious bruising on his face. They searched through Turner's cell phone information, and they know where he was getting the drugs from. Torres and Bishop spent two weeks under their new identities, and they want to go back in. Gibbs and Vance order the duo to be seen at the hospital.

Back at the squad, the team reviews Turner's history. He was a small-time drug dealer, who has obviously increased his business. Turner's drug supplier is Mitchell Young, who owns a boating supply store located at the civilian marina. Reeves believes that Young isn't the leader of the group, and they go to pick him up. Gibbs and McGee get a surprise when they see Torres strolling up to the store. McGee wants to confirm that Torres is disobeying a direct order.

An Unusual Job Interview

Torres comes in and chats with Young, showing him the clone of Turner's phone. Torres explains how his girlfriend poses as an escort and clones the man's phone, and then the duo cashes in by stealing the mark's identity. Young reaches for a gun behind the counter, and Torres tells him to put it back. After all, all Torres wants is a job. 

Torres' little excursion earns him a sit-down with an angry Vance and Gibbs. Torres responds that he made a choice, and now he and Bishop were both offered jobs working for Young. Vance is upset that he is supposed to lose two agents to work undercover on the case, but Torres feels that Young is one step down from the ring leader of the crew. When Gibbs seems a bit less angry than Vance feels he should be, Vance accuses Gibbs of knowing what Torres' plan was all along. Vance will let Torres work the case, but Vance is going to handle Torres' insubordination later.

Bishop is also angry at Torres because he ditched her at the hospital. Bishop is venting while firing the pistol that killed Turner, even though Abby has enough bullets to confirm that it is, indeed, the murder weapon. I feel like we haven't seen as much of Abby this season. 

Torres shows up at the lab, and a furious Bishop confronts him for leaving her at the hospital while they are supposed to be working the case together. Abby picks this very moment to take a polaroid to preserve this very special moment. Abby uses a new technique to uncover the filed-off serial number, and the gun is registered to science teacher Denise Mancuso.

Proof of Death

Vance pops in to see Jack, who is playing darts to clear her head. Jack tells Vance that Mancuso is a soccer mom and not likely to be involved in a drug ring. Vance wants to talk about something else -- Torres. Jack knows that Vance is conflicted about whether he can trust Torres after his agent's insubordination, and Jack points out that this is hardly the first time that Torres defied orders. Vance maintains that Torres has stepped too far past the line, but Jack insists that Torres is following his gut and training, and that Torres made the right decision. Remember the good old days when Gibbs was the one who always disobeyed orders? Now Vance worries that he has a Gibbs and Gibbs Jr. situation on his hands. 

Back at the marina, Lane wants to see Young, but Lane's assistant, Donnie, says that he is out. A moment later, Bishop and Torres are back and morphed back into their Charlie and Luis personas. Donnie tells Bishop to head back to see Young alone, and when Torres protests, Bishop kisses him on the lips. Hello! 

McGee brings Mancuso in to the squad, and she is terrified. She claims not to know Turner and states that her sister-in-law, Frankie Mancuso, stole the gun a year ago. Meanwhile, Torres helps Donnie load scuba tanks. I wonder if the tanks contain the drugs.

Bishop goes in to see Young for her "job interview," and Young is super creepy. He has a woman tied to a chair and pulls a hood off her face, and it is Frankie. Frankie claims that she shot Turner because he pulled a gun on her first. Young demands loyalty, and he demands that Bishop prove hers by killing Frankie. If she doesn't, she may be the one getting shot. Bishop is literally saved by the bell when the fire alarm goes off, and Torres walks in. Just as Bishop fires, Torres hits her arm so she misses. 

Torres tells an agitated Young that the fire department is on their way, and they can't afford to be sitting around with a dead body. Bishop suggests taking Frankie off base, shooting her and dumping the body. I kind of like this new bad-ass Bishop. Bishop calls Gibbs from the car and explains that she is supposed to kill Frankie and send a picture of the body to Donnie. 

How to Succeed in Crime

Bishop brings Frankie to the lab, and Abby puts fake blood on her so that Bishop can send Donnie a photo of her kill. Frankie now must confess about killing Turner, and McGee adds that she needs to spill everything that she knows about the drug ring. Frankie is not going to talk, so Bishop asks Jack to profile her and figure out the best way to change her mind. Jack has Frankie hold up a paper with the word "snitch" scrawled across it and threatens to send that photo to Donnie. Frankie decides to share what she knows, and it turns out that the yacht owner, Lane, is the head of the operation. 

Donnie gets the photo of dead Frankie and tells Torres that Frankie wasn't part of the crew. Torres feels badly for the young man, who once aspired to be a teacher or fireman but was pulled into a life of crime because of his mother's sudden illness. 

Lane shows up and insists on seeing Young, so Donnie goes to fetch him. Lane is armed, and Torres texts the NCIS team that Lane is at the marina. The team finds the boat store dark and drops of blood on the floor. They also find Torre's burn phone on the ground. Young emerges from the back room, and when Gibbs and McGee demand to know what happened, Bishop walks in behind them, her gun drawn on her two colleagues. 

Bishop ties up Gibbs and McGee while Young phones his boss and tells them how Bishop saved him from the Feds. Young informs Bishop that they will take the two men off base, kill them and bury them along with Frankie. When Young steps away, Bishop urges her fellow agents to trust her.

And feisty Bishop is stalling Young, demanding to know where her boyfriend is. Young states that Torres is fine but opens a freezer door to show a deceased Lane. Lane would rent out the boats for the crew members to meet their supplier, and the drugs were put in compartments in the scuba tanks. Gibbs unties his hands and hits Young over the head. 

An Unsafe House

Torres is driving Donnie, who has been shot by Lane. Donnie refuses to go to the hospital and tells Torres about a safe house outside of Baltimore. Torres doesn't think it will be safe enough and chooses that moment to confess to Donnie that he and Bishop are NCIS agents. He asks Donnie to give him the name of the boss, and Donnie pulls a gun. It turns out that sweet, naive Donnie is in charge, and he orders Nick to drive. Donnie thinks that Torres should consider a career change and join his crew. 

Everyone is worried about Torres, and Jack takes a run at Young to find out the location of the safe house. Gibbs sees Jack about to go into the observation room, and he tells her that she should go back upstairs. Gibbs enters interrogation and turns the camera off. Gibbs means business!

Meanwhile, when Torres and Donnie approach the safe house, which is a warehouse, Torres floors the gas and runs the car into a heavy piece of equipment, Donnie isn't wearing a seat belt and flies out of the car. Donnie informs Torres that he has men inside the building. Before Torres can react, the men exit, with their hands above their heads. It seems that Gibbs and the team have been there waiting for Torres. Nice!

Back at NCIS, the team discusses how only Donnie's top lieutenant knew that he was the ring leader. As punishment for his insubordination, Vance and Gibbs tell Torres to unload all the scuba tanks from the evidence truck. Torres finally admits that Bishop did a great job undercover, and they discuss their kiss. 

I loved this episode of NCIS. I thought that Bishop and Torres were awesome during their undercover adventure.

Was Vance hard enough on Torres for his insubordination? Does Bishop belong on undercover operations? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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