'Pretty Little Liars' Theory: Who Actually Buried Alison?
'Pretty Little Liars' Theory: Who Actually Buried Alison?
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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This is a question that hasn't been revisited on Pretty Little Liars (yet), but recent revelations on the series have drawn the "answer" Alison gave us in season 4 episode 24 under suspicion. We thought that Jessica DiLaurentis, Alison's mother, buried Alison alive to cover up for whomever had tried to kill her at first. That could still be true, but knowing that Charlotte was the person who tried to kill Alison, and that Charlotte wasn't Jessica's child but actually Mary's, could Mary have been the one who buried Alison?

Mary Drake

Knowing Mary now has drawn into question a lot of the scenes we've seen on Pretty Little Liars where we thought the person we were watching was Jessica DiLaurentis, such as the scene in Spencer's bedroom where Mrs. D slowly creeped up on her and then just vanished. Mary Drake is Jessica's twin sister; locked in Radley her whole life because of something she blames Jessica for, she eventually posed as Jessica to sleep with Peter Hastings and get revenge on both families. Thus, Spencer was created.

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Knowing Mary has an affinity for posing as her sister brings up a lot of questions. Have we seen her before the reveal, thinking she was Jessica? Where has she been for the past several years? And, finally, was she the one there the night Alison "died"?

It seems unlikely that Jessica would bury Alison to cover up for Charlotte's wrongdoing. While she claimed Charlotte as her child, not Mary's, Alison really was her biological child, and that seemed to mean more to Mrs. D. Plus, knowing Charlotte is the child of your psychotic twin sister couldn't have been easy. Why would Jessica cover up this crime and not get justice for her daughter?

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It's entirely possible that Mary was the one who saw the altercation and took matters into her own hands to save her daughter. We're supposed to believe that Mary didn't know Charlotte was still alive until much later, after seeing Charles' grave at his Aunt Carol's, but on Pretty Little Liars, nothing is as it seems.


Jessica just doesn't seem to have any motivation for helping cover up her daughter's murder, especially knowing Charlotte was responsible. Meanwhile, Mary does. It's entirely possible that Mary knew Charlotte was Charles, and she posed as Jessica that night in some sort of extreme revenge plot, as she did with Peter Hastings, and she just happened to witness this event and knew she had to protect her daughter.

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Why else would Jessica have a bunker at Aunt Carol's with files on everyone she thought might've killed Alison, and photos of Alison while she was on the run? She was trying to find Alison, and why would she have done that if she had known that she was buried in their backyard?

I believe Mary buried Alison, and did it to protect her daughter(s). Even Peter and Veronica thought Spencer could've been responsible, so maybe Mary saw Spencer fighting with Alison that night and knew that she had to protect her? Also, the way Jessica was killed and buried was eerily similar to the way "Mrs. D" buried Alison. There's just still so many unanswered questions.

What do you think? Who buried Alison? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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