'SEAL Team' Recap: The SEALs Battle the Fears Within
'SEAL Team' Recap: The SEALs Battle the Fears Within
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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In this episode of SEAL Team titled "Boarding Party," the team is called out to South East Asian waters after a ship has been taken hostage by pirates. Meanwhile, Jason has to do some digging into the life of his fallen friend, Nate, after a burner phone is found in the garage. During training, Clay has to do some soul searching before he's kicked out of training. He might want to make a couple of friends too. Throughout the episode, the SEALs battle their inner fears, whether it's of the truth or losing their dreams.

The SEALs Go to the Philippines to Save Pirate Hostages

Researchers on the U.S. Taurus are taken hostage in the South China Sea. Nobody sends any demands, so the SEALs are called in because a distress satellite call alerts them to the problems.

One thing that is for certain is that the South East Asian waters are among the most dangerous waters, despite the fact that African waters are getting more exposure on the news. There aren't many harbors for the pirates to go to for negotiations though, which means the piracy experts can work out the likely places the pirates will go, especially with the Taurus' GPS on.

It's up to the SEALs to find the best way to get the ship to save the hostages. Sonny wants to avoid swimming, but it's the safest option for all. This knowledge of Sonny's fears does give the team some ammunition to poke fun, but he knows they're not doing it to be mean.

Before the SEALs can set off, the ships' GPS is turned off. By the time the SEALs will get to the location, the ship could be anywhere within a radius the size of the continental United States.

Mandy is able to work out a possible trajectory, based on the last known positioning of the Taurus. She works out that the Philippines is likely the destination and that the hostages are likely going to be sold to Eduardo Murcado, who was responsible for a recent ferry bombing.

If only it could all go to plan. While the SEALs are underwater, Davis and Mandy spot trucks pulling up, suspecting them to be the buyers' trucks. There are too many men, so intelligence call for the SEALs to abort. While underwater, the SEALs have no comms (communications) and it will take a few minutes afterwards to re-establish them, so the team has no choice but to go in as "quick and dirty" as possible to save the hostages.

Bravo Team has no choice but to go below decks in hopes of getting to the hostages before they can be passed onto a buyer. Meanwhile, Alpha Team goes to the bridge. When they reach the hostages, Vince becomes a human shield for the last pirate. Jason and Clay are left to get Vince back, but they need another way into the room because the pirate has barricaded himself with Vince inside

The pirates call in reinforcements, while Jason works down the outside of the ship for his alternate way into the room. Jason is able to shoot the pirate in the head through the ship's window, allowing his other teammates to get in for Vince. They can now get the hostages and the rest of the team out.

Clay Admits a Few Truths about Training

Meanwhile in SEAL Team, Clay feels the need to prove himself after being put in the bottom five. Jason and Clay see that he is now overcompensating and he's going to fail because of it. Over a drink, Clay admits to Brian that he thinks everyone is jealous of him because of his dad. Brian is the one to point out that Clay has come in with an attitude and that is the reason Clay was in the bottom five. Brian wants the guy he knew from training back and not this new Clay.

Also while at the bar, Stella decides to talk to Clay again. This time he can't help himself but to insult her for coming to a bar so far away.

In the next training session, Clay and Brian are a team moving into a room during a hostage situation. A training grenade is thrown, so Clay jumps on top of it. His instructors question his decision, as it would have meant dying if that was real. Clay just points out that he was giving his hostage and teammates a chance to get to safety. The instructors aren't impressed with his decision.

In the end, Clay apologizes to Brian for his attitude and admits that he worries what his life will be like if he doesn't meet his dreams. It's time to change the things he thinks about while he's in training. Clay also needs to apologize to Stella for his attitude. He even has a copy of the novel Stella wrote her thesis on. It's enough for her to let him into her apartment. Stella may be the one person who can help keep Clay's ego in check.

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Jason Uncovers a Possible Secret from Nate's Life

Nate's story is further developed. When Alana finds a burner phone in Nate's old toolkit, she's sure that Nate was having an affair. There's only one number in the phone and it was disconnected when she tried calling it. Jason agrees to do some digging to find out who the number belongs to.

He decides to enlist Ray's help, since Ray has some experience in NSA surveillance. The phone isn't much good, so Ray suggests that they use the "nav."  Well, he says the "sat nav" is the best option, but not that they should dig into Nate's life. Jason ignores him and the two pay a visit to Nancy, who has the keys to Nate's car. With Ray's knowledge of the book of Psalms, they're able to connect to Nancy through her faith which in turn helps him to sweetener her up so that she hands over the keys and then they run through his sat nav. Whenever there were multiple calls to the number, Nate visited the same address in Norfolk. While Ray calls it quits on the sneaking around from this point, Jason takes a drive out to the address and takes photos of the woman leaving the address.

Who do you think Nate's mystery woman is? Will Clay impress his instructors moving forward? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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