'SEAL Team' Recap: Why Is Sonny Second in Command?
'SEAL Team' Recap: Why Is Sonny Second in Command?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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SEAL Team touches on injuries and dealing with the pressure of them in the latest episode, titled "Containment." Ray sustained an injury in the last mission and it could affect his ability to be deployed in the long-term. Jason and his team are called on a potentially catastrophic mission without Ray, which involves temporary access to restricted information.

The SEALs Deal with Dirty Bombs

The SEALs are called in to deal with a mission in Bulgaria. After one of the CIA's operatives is killed in the middle of a mission involving a dirty bomb (a bomb with radioactive material), the SEALs need to prevent the transit. If this bomb goes off, not only would the blast kill people immediately, but the land could become inhabitable for a thousand years.

To manage the mission, the SEALs get temporary access to restricted information. This doesn't allow them access to anything afterwards. A STRAP with a PhD will join them on the mission.

At first, the mission works out. The SEALs stop the transit of the bomb, but it turns out that it isn't a dirty bomb after all. It's a stolen nuclear warhead. In fact, there are three of them. The warheads have sat on a shelf for a few decades and are now unstable. The SEALs need to get the warheads, which could go off any minute, to a local military base to stabilize and disarm are.

The trickiest part of the drive to the base is a rickety bridge. Jason and Clay get over in their truck without a problem. Sonny and the STRAP go second, but Sonny drives into one of the holes in the bridge. The SEALs need to move the nuclear weapons from the back two trucks into the lead truck as quickly, but as safely, as possible.

The SEALs Set Up an Ambush

The men initially driving the bomb to its intended location but are detained and taken to HQ. When worried that the SEALs will be ambushed, Mandy decides to interrogate the prisoners. She's wants to know who the buyers of the nuclear weapons were and is willing to offer a deal with one of the prisoners if he talks. The prisoner offers the frequency of the buyer's radio.

Luckily, the information comes in time. Mandy learns there are armed men on their way, since the prisoners didn't check in on time.

When the SEALs realize they can't move out in time, Jason decides that Sonny and the STRAP will drive the nuclear warheads out, while Jason and the others remain for the ambush. Sonny isn't happy that he's not staying behind for the ambush, but Jason points out that he needs Sonny to be as far away from the fire fight since he is second in command. If something happens to Jason, Sonny would be the one making decisions. Jason can't rely on Clay to do something like that.

While driving, Sonny and the STRAP bond. Sonny admits that he'd rather have been shot at instead of being with her, but that's just because there's something "pure" about being shot at. On the way to the military base, there's a large ditch in the road. Sonny has to tackle it as quickly as possible to avoid getting stuck, even though it could set off the bombs.

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In the end, Sonny admits that he wasn't a big fan of being second in command and looks forward to Ray returning. While Jason wants Ray back, he is impressed with how Sonny handled the boost in position in the team.

As everyone hangs out in the bar at the end, Jason gets a text message and rushes out. His daughter is at the police station. Jason uses the time waiting for her to be released to talk to Alana and admit that he wants to return home. Alana tells him that it may not be the time to talk about this, but their daughter is released before they can discuss this further.

Ray Has a Medical Secret

Meanwhile, Ray has to deal with the news he's medically unfit to go on the mission. He injured his shoulder in the last episode of SEAL Team and now needs an MRI to check on the full damage. Of course, not going on missions means that he won't get the extra pay and that will cause financial problems. Without his mission pay, the family budget is overstretched and he and his wife can't afford the mortgage.

Naima knows that Ray needs to see a Navy doctor. Deployment is already dangerous, without going out injured. They need to think of this for the long-term. When Ray gets his results from the MRI scan, it's clearly not good news and he makes a call to the Navy doctor. However, the doctor isn't available, so Ray decides to push off the appointment and lies to Jason about the injury and treatment.

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