Why Sonny Should Step up as Second in Command Again on 'SEAL Team'
Why Sonny Should Step up as Second in Command Again on 'SEAL Team'
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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When Ray was unable to deploy due to an injury, Sonny became Second in Command (2IC) on SEAL Team. There were some initial worries that he wouldn't cope with the position, since it would mean holding his usual aggressive nature back. However, he quickly proved his leadership abilities and Jason shared how great Sonny was. While Sonny may not have loved being 2IC, he certainly proved he needs to be in that role again.

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He Remained Calm in the Scariest of Situations

As usual, the deployment didn't go to plan. After learning they weren't dealing with dirty bombs but nuclear warheads, the SEALs had to get the bombs to a local military base. That meant driving over some of the worst roads and a rickety bridge. Sonny remained calm, even when his tire went into a hole in the bridge.

This would be a time for many to panic. Had it been Clay who made this mistake, Jason would have shown his anger and fans have already seen Clay struggles when he makes mistakes. Sonny didn't spend time apologizing for the mistake and instead jumped straight into finding a solution with Jason.

A leader has to remain calm. While he's proven the ability before as a member of the team, as a leader it's a different matter. This is when you really feel the pressure, but Sonny proved he could cope. It was also refreshing to see Sonny be more involved in the action, instead of just using him for the humor factor.

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He Questioned but Accepted

Good leaders will question the orders they're given. This isn't about just blindly following whatever they're told to do, but making sure it really is the best choice. Sonny wasted no time in questioning Jason why Clay was the one to stay behind. Later Sonny admitted that there's something "pure" about being shot, so would have preferred to stay behind. He also knew that he was more experienced in ambushes than Clay so he could have been the safer option to stay behind.

When Jason gave Sonny the reason, there was no more questioning. Sonny understood the importance of being away from the fire fight as 2IC and accepted the order, seeing the bigger picture. Someone not ready to be 2IC would have argued back. Sonny made it clear that while he wasn't happy with the decision, he could understand the importance of keeping the second leader away from the ambush to protect the doctor and the nukes.

Even after the fact, Sonny never grumbled about the decision. He could see it from the position of a leader. All the mission did was confirm he didn't really like the position of 2IC as much as he initially thought he would. However, it did confirm Jason's beliefs that Sonny could be a good person to back him up if Ray is ever off duty again.

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