'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Why Does Nigel Lythgoe Stop a Dancer in the New York Auditions?
'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Why Does Nigel Lythgoe Stop a Dancer in the New York Auditions?
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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This episode of So You Think You Can Dance features the New York auditions. This city always represents with an eclectic mix of fantastic dancers. From contemporary to hip-hop and even flexing, there is something to please everyone.

How will the New York auditions stack up against the Los Angeles auditions? Who will get a coveted ticket to the Academy and who will go home? Let's find out.

On to the Academy

First up is 18-year-old Kaylee Millis, who also goes by the moniker Impavido. Her name means "to fear less" in Italian, which is her philosophy in dance and life. Kaylee was incredibly active in sports, from football to soccer, until she decided that she only wanted to dance. Her parents agreed, but Kaylee needed to earn the money to pay for her classes, which she did.

Her contemporary routine showcases her strength. She garners a standing ovation from all the judges. Nigel praises Kaylee's individuality, and Vanessa calls her "a beautiful dancer." Kaylee moves on to the next round.

Ana Sanchez is 23 years old and was born in Colombia. Her partner, Julian Castro, was Ana's teacher for a while, and he is not competing. Ana's big desire, besides getting a ticket to the Academy, is to board Mary's hot tamale train with her spicy Colombian salsa. Mary calls her "a hot tamale," and Vanessa comments on how fun and exciting the routine was. Nigel, who wishes that he brought earplugs because of Mary's screams of excitement, sends Ana on to the Academy.

Koine Iwasaki, who moved to the United States from Japan when she was 2 years old, feels like dance became her second language as she struggled to adapt between Japanese and America customs. Her emotional contemporary routine wows the judges. Nigel likes her strength and professionalism, and Vanessa praises her control and precision.

Joseph "Klassic" Carella and Huwer "Havoc" Marche Jr. are a Brooklyn duo with something special to offer with their Flexing routine. Flexing is a reggae-dance hall type of dance that has seven different sections. This style originated in Brooklyn. All three So You think You Can Dance judges jump out of their seats at the end of the routine. Nigel calls the routine "artistic" and calls Havoc a genius for his ability to translate the music into body movement. Mary calls the duo "awesome."

More hip-hop performances follow. Kyle Bennett Jr. specializes in tutting and animation. Shaquile Worsley demonstrates his krump and energetic tricks.  Alex Diaz is a 22-year-old B-Boy. All three are bound for the Academy. 

Chaz Wolcott is a 29-year-old tapper whose parents are both dancers. His engaging routine also garners a standing ovation. Mary explains that Chaz is the only tapper to ever bring her to tears. Vanessa tells him that there is "a yumminess" to his dancing. Nigel loved Chaz's tapping but does stress that he would like Chaz to stop looking down at the floor. Still, Nigel calls him "one of the best tappers I've seen in years." Welcome to the Academy, Chaz!

Logan Hernandez is a contemporary dancer who incorporates some breaking into his routine. Abby Griffin blends contemporary with pointe for her dance. Cristina Moya-Palacios, who also dances contemporary, uses her technical skills in unusual ways. All three win a ticket to the Academy. 

Ryan Bailey, who is 23 years old, lives in Baltimore, Maryland. His contemporary performance also features lots of unusual "seizure" type moves. In a first for So You Think You Can Dance, Nigel hates it, which somehow causes him to like the routine. Vanessa admits that the routine was odd for her. Still, he wins a place in the Academy.

Try Again Next Time

Darius "The Bigger Cheese" Reed, who is from New Jersey, has lots of personality. Darius whips off his hat, wig and overcoat, until Nigel stops the dance when it gets a bit raunchy. Nigel explains that it was more of a lip-sync style performance. Darius collects three no votes for his performance.

Should Ryan Bailey have gone to the Academy? What did you think of his style? Are you a fan of Flexing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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