'Supernatural' Recap: Do Sam and Dean Find the Blood of a Saint?
'Supernatural' Recap: Do Sam and Dean Find the Blood of a Saint?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural has established the mission for Sam and Dean, to retrieve the four ingredients they need to open a portal to Apocalypse World to save Mary and Jack. This week's episode finds them on the hunt for the first ingredient, the blood of a most holy man.

The adventure finds them stuck in a story that is clearly inspired by the noir detective thrillers written by Dashiell Hammett. The episode may as well be titled "The Maltese Skull" and if you're familiar with this genre, it should be pretty easy to follow.

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Cas is in Lebanon looking for a fruit from the Tree of Life, Lucifer is MIA and Sam has no leads on the Seal of Solomon, so the Winchesters decide to search for the blood of a most holy man, who they assume is a saint. Their search leads them directly into a detective noir thriller filled with shady characters, double-crosses, triple-crosses, the Seattle mob and a Maltese skull.

The Femme Fatale: Sam and Dean meet a sexy woman who sends them on a wild goose chase to find the blood. She flirts with Sam and if you've ever seen a noir thriller before, you immediately know she's the big bad.

The Collector: She sends them to a collector of religious artifacts. He has the blood of St. Ignatius, but will only give it to them if they retrieve the skull of St. Peter, which was stolen from Malta.

The Thief
: The Winchesters find the man who stole the skull, but he's dead in a hotel room. They get locked up by a fake cop, but eventually escape.

The Mob Boss: Sam and Dean then run into the mob boss who hired the thief. Since he was double-crossed, he offers to pay the Winchesters if they find the skull for him.

The Priest: Sam and Dean go back to the hotel room to look for clues. Sam finds a piece of paper with a number on it, but gets knocked out by a priest from the nunnery in Malta who is also looking for the skull. Then the priest gets knocked out, but Sam and Dean find him and now decide to work for him to get the skull.

The Fake Cop: Luckily the priest remembered the number on the paper and it's a tracking number for a package containing the skull. They follow the lead and see the fake cop from earlier who takes the package to a warehouse. He meets his boss, the femme fatale from the beginning (to the surprise of no one).

The Auction: The femme fatale organizes an auction for the skull with the mob boss, the collector and Sam when he shows up. The collector offers the fake cop a million dollars if he'll kill his boss and give him the skull. The fake cop obliges, killing the femme fatale and leading to a massive shoot-out that leads to the mob boss and the fake cop being killed while the priest is wounded.

When the dust settles, Sam, Dean and the priest are left with the collector. They want the blood, but the collector was just lying and says it doesn't exist. So this was all for nothing.

In the end, the collector is arrested and the priest gets to take the skull back to Malta. Before leaving, he reveals that he's met the Pope and was given an honor that translates to "a most holy man." How convenient! Sam and Dean ask for a vial of his blood and they get their first ingredient for the spell. Things are looking up, and Dean now has faith that maybe they can stop all of the monsters.

Do you think Sam and Dean can actually play offense and stop all the monsters?

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