'Supernatural' Season 13 Premiere Recap: Sam and Dean Meet the Son of Satan
'Supernatural' Season 13 Premiere Recap: Sam and Dean Meet the Son of Satan
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural is back for season 13 and the Winchesters are getting a fresh start, kind of. Cas and Crowley are dead, Mary and Lucifer are trapped in another dimension and the spawn of Satan, Jack, is walking the Earth.

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The premiere introduces Jack and it turns out he's a little confused about himself as well. Sam and Dean, true to form, have very different approaches when it comes to handling this new guy, but only time will tell which brother is right.

Jack vs. the Winchesters

Season 13 picks up right where we left off, with Sam encountering a grown and naked Jack, the son of Lucifer. Jack repeatedly asks "Father?" as Sam tries to reason with him. Dean arrives and immediately shoots at Jack because that's what he does. Jack unleashes a fierce scream that knocks the boys out.

Sam and Dean chase after him, with Dean hellbent on killing the son of Satan while Sam isn't so sure. Finding him isn't too hard because a naked dude at a pirate-themed fast food restaurant saying "Father?" means the local sheriff shows up to take him to jail.

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At the sheriff's station we discover that Jack doesn't have normal fingerprints and he can touch a vending machine and get all of the candy to fall out. Jack is slowly finding out who and what he is, but finding his father is all he knows.

The Winchesters show up and Sam tazes Jack. The sheriff locks up Sam and Jack while she talks to Dean, who explains that they're Hunters and Jack is a nephilim.

Who Is Jack's Father?

Sam talks to Jack and it turns out the kid is reasonable and just a little confused. He can't quite control his powers, but he does reveal that he can open the doorway to Apocalypse World. Clearly Sam wants to keep him safe because Jack is the only way to rescue Mary.

Also, Jack reveals that the "Father" he's looking for isn't Lucifer, but Cas. Jack took his mother's words to heart, that the world is a dangerous place and that he needs Cas to protect him. Sam delivers the bad news that Cas is dead.

Jack vs. the Angels

The sheriff is going to let them go, but a trio of angels arrives. They want Jack because the son of Lucifer can do anything (except bring Cas back to life).A fight ensues, ending with an angel stabbing Jack with an angel blade. Sam kills her, but Jack just pulls the blade out and he's perfectly fine.

In the aftermath, Sam wants to protect Jack and Dean agrees to keep him close, but only until he finds a way to kill him.

The boys and Jack return to the cabin to give Cas a proper Hunter's funeral, burning his body. It seems he's gone for good because Dean prayed for Chuck to return and bring Cas back again, but it didn't work. Of course Dean also thinks Mary is dead, but he's wrong about that.

Apocalypse World

The episode ends in the alternate reality of Apocalypse World. Mary tries to run away from Lucifer, but fails. He threatens to kill her, but doesn't because he might need her for something.

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Is Dean right about Jack, that it's only a matter of time before he turns evil?

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