What Do We Know About the Portal Spell Ingredients on 'Supernatural'?
What Do We Know About the Portal Spell Ingredients on 'Supernatural'?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural set up the endgame of season 13 by revealing the ingredients for the spell that Sam and Dean can use to open a portal to Apocalypse World so they can rescue Mary and Jack. This is a time-honored formula for the series, whether it's about breaking the seals to release Lucifer, completing the trials to close the Gates of Hell or collecting the ingredients for a spell to remove the Mark of Cain. The Winchesters always seem to have a scavenger hunt-style quest to achieve their goal.

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For this particular spell, Donatello translated the Demon Tablet and Cas then extracted the information out of the prophet's mind, leaving him brain dead. It was a high cost, but now they know the four not-so-simple ingredients they need.

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So what are these ingredients and how might they tie into the history of the series?

Archangel Grace

On Supernatural, there are only four archangels, making this ingredient quite rare. Lucifer is obviously the primary target for Sam and Dean, but only because they don't know that Gabriel is somehow alive again, imprisoned by Asmodeus. The others are Raphael, who is dead, and Michael, who is still trapped in the Cage in the real world.

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A Fruit from the Tree of Life

In the Bible, the Tree of Life is one of two trees in the Garden of Eden, along with the Tree of Knowledge. While the Tree of Life has yet to be explored on Supernatural, a fruit from the Tree of Knowledge was used in the spell to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean. Since that storyline revolved around Death, could his replacement, Billie the Reaper, help out with this particular ingredient? And since the spell with the Tree of Knowledge's fruit led to the release of the Darkness, what damage could a spell with a fruit from the Tree of Life unleash?

The Seal of Solomon

In the Bible, this is the ring worn by King Solomon which has several different potential uses, either to control demons or talk to animals. In terms of the TV show's lore, we recently learned that King Solomon's wife Sheba was a nephilim, so this may be tied into angels. That could point to a connection between this ring and Jack.

The Blood of a Most Holy Man

This is definitely the most generic of the ingredients, but also the one we'll learn about first. The next episode is titled "A Most Holy Man," so we'll be learning a lot more about the specific details behind it.

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Which of these four ingredients are you most excited to see Sam and Dean find?

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