'Survivor' Predictions: Who Will Win 'Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers'?
'Survivor' Predictions: Who Will Win 'Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers'?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Survivor season that began in one of the most predictable ways possible and is closing in one of the craziest ways possible is finally ending. After multiple blindsides, advantages and Hidden Immunity Idols, five castaways are left on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. There are two Heroes, two Hustlers and one lone Healer but only one of them will win. 

So let's make some predictions on who is mostly likely to outwit, outplay and outlast in Survivor season 35!

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With so few castaways left and so much game left to play, the predictions are going to change slightly. Rather than the typical format of who is safe, who is in danger and who is going home, I'm going to simply rank the final five on their chances to win, from least to most likely. This is not necessarily the order they will go out in or where they will place. It's just marking how good their position is to win Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

And coming in as the longest of long shots is...

Dr. Mike

Of any of the remaining castaways Mike is, by far, the most likable. If there's anyone I want to see win this season, it's Mike. However, there's almost no way that he will be or even deserves to be victorious. Mike has been on the wrong side for almost all of the votes this season and has been stuck in a perpetual hell of being the swing vote. He's tried, that must be given to him, but he has nothing to argue to the jury about why he deserves to win, if or when he makes it to Final Tribal. Underdogs have won before but Mike seems like way too much of one to actually win. 


Before the merge, Ryan seemed like the obvious winner pick. He was constantly scheming and almost always in control. Fitting the mold of many Survivor nerds before him, Ryan seemed like he had the game on lock. Yet once the merge hit, Ryan completely flopped. He trusted the wrong people, became way too confident but worst of all, he let Chrissy control his entire game. 

Ryan might believe it's an equal partnership, but Chrissy has an iron grip on his will and vote. Ryan's one strength was his social game but he blew it up entirely and has only kept Chrissy in his corner. The jury may not like Chrissy but they'll probably be more likely to reward her the win over Ryan. 


While Chrissy stands a better shot at winning than Ryan, she's far from secure. Chrissy has angered far too many to people to ever think she's in for smooth sailing at Final Tribal Council. Chrissy is petty, vindictive, whiny and has done nothing to hide those facts from her fellow castaways. A large swath of the audience might not like Chrissy but it's likely the jury dislikes her even more. 

The only real shot Chrissy has at winning is to go to the end with Ryan and Dr. Mike because neither have added much to the game. If Chrissy is with someone else who can reasonably argue they played a better game than she's sunk. Karma (and complaining about everyone on your tribe) will come back to bite you on Survivor


Ben has the toughest road to Final Tribal but he has certainly played one of the flashiest games. The hunger and drive that Ben has shown this season is truly impressive, even if he hasn't been the most admirable guy. The amount of shocking Tribal Council moments, which the jury has loved and Ben has been directly responsible for, is staggering. If a Survivor resume is important to winning, Ben has the best one. 

However, Ben has also ruffled a lot of feathers. He's probably not as disliked as Chrissy but he's close. Ben's played a very aggressive game, but it's also been a rather personal one. It's true that he's told nearly everyone "good game" as they're eliminated and even hugged a few. Those small kindnesses probably won't be enough to make up for him being little better than a bully in the game.

Ben might get very close to winning but I don't actually see him taking the crown. That honor will likely go to...


Devon isn't the most deserving player and he's not the most satisfying one, although he is more bearable than Ryan, Ben and Chrissy. Yet Devon still seems the most likely winner. 

Devon is the castaway that most everyone wants to take to the end and when he gets there he'll have an impressive sheet of feats to lay out. Devon has been on the right side of the votes since the merge except for one, Lauren. However, no one but Ben got that "right." Devon doesn't have many competition wins or flashy moves, but he has had a great social game. People like Devon and Devon hasn't been just lounging around doing nothing, he's been playing the game. 

Chrissy and Ben are the louder and maybe "better" players, but the jury is more likely to award Devon the final prize because he hasn't angered most of them. Devon has played the game and managed to not have everyone hate him. Of course he did stab Ashley in the back but she's just one vote. Plus Ashley may very well get over her elimination come Final Tribal. Devon would be a bit of an underwhelming winner after all Ben (and Chrissy) have done but that doesn't mean he won't win. 

Whether he truly deserves it or not, Devon will likely win Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

But what do you think? Do you agree? Who do you think should win versus who will win? Will it be a bitter jury or a respectful one? 

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