'The Amazing Race' Recap: An Rocky Leg on the Uneven Venetian Streets
'The Amazing Race' Recap: An Rocky Leg on the Uneven Venetian Streets
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Venice, Italy is probably one of the most recognizable cities in the world thanks to the unique way the city is set up on waterways. Despite that fact, The Amazing Race has rarely gone to the famous city in their many seasons. This episode entitled, "Have Fun and Get It Done," the show reminds us why The Amazing Race and the city don't mix. The scenery is magnificent but the actual racing is more frustrating and down to luck than any real skill.

Venetian Shadiness

The teams head to Venice in two groups of three. Once there, they most locate some average Joe "sweeping" the street for their first clue. The man in question does have a broom but he doesn't appear to be doing much of anything with it. Honestly, the man looks so sad he might be some vagrant with a broom that The Amazing Race just stuck a sticker on and called it a day. 

It is at this pathetic clue giver where Team LoLo finally decides to do something interesting. It turns out they do want be defined by more than Logan's jawline / gigantic arms and London's complete beauty. They want to win. LoLo are at the very back at the pack so when they find the clue giver first, they don't tell their fellow two teams where he is located. This is completely reasonable to me but the other teams (Brooke/Scott and Liz/Michael) are highly offended. Though to be fair, Brooke and Michael have been highly offended at nearly everything. They are the match made in Heaven Hell that never happened. 

Sing It or Bring It

LoLo's deviousness give them the slightest edge on the way to the Detour. At the Detour the teams are faced with a decision of "Sing It" or "Bring It." In "Sing It" the teams must hop into a gondola and serenade a poor unsuspecting Venetian couple who are just trying to have a peaceful ride. In "Bring It" the teams must lug some luggage all over the winding and uneven Venetian streets. Both Detours are cringe-worthy messes. The weaker teams cannot sing by any measure and the stronger teams just throw the luggage all over and almost into other people. 

The real challenge isn't really either Detour. It's after they're done and they have to navigate from the Detour to the Roadblock. It turns out that Venice is incredibly hard to figure your way around with all that water. If the teams don't want to walk all over and possibly get lost, they only have one other choice. They can take a water taxi but water taxis are nowhere near as abundant or obvious to board as a regular taxi. 

It's not an overwhelming choice, but since the water taxis aren't exactly prompt in arriving, it brings out a lot of stress in certain teams. OK ... it just brings out the stress in Brooke. Brooke is about the hurl herself into the water (her words not mine) after not getting a taxi right away. We are sadly robbed off that comedic moment and a taxi arrives to take Brooke and Scott to the Roadblock.

Mask Meltdown

The Roadblock manages to make up for some of the blandness of the first clue location and Detour challenges. The designated member at the Roadblock of the team must paint an awesome looking Venetian mask by following an exact process laid out by a silent instructor. Maybe it is just the latent Bob Ross fan in me but there is something soothing and satisfying about the teams painting a beautiful work of art on blank slate. 

The teams don't find it very relieving. Some do succeed. Redmond, in particularly, absolutely smokes it proving the only thing the man can't do is have two working legs. Everyone else pretty much has a meltdown. Brooke, of course, is the loudest of the whiners. Immediately upon entering the Roadblock location Brooke screeches at the instructor to start over with her own mask so Brooke can see how to do it. 

The instructor's reaction to Brooke is priceless. Whether the woman doesn't speak English and can't understand anything this drowned rat of a human being is saying or is already fed up with Brooke's crap the second she sees her, the instructor has nothing but a coy smile on her face. This lady did not become a master in her field for some entitled foreigner to get whiny snot all over her paintbrushes. I respect that. 

As always though Brooke's big emotional display is rather meaningless. When Brooke calms down she jumps several stops ahead and ends up finishing the Roadblock around the same time as London. This leaves Liz all alone and she starts breaking down. Liz mocked Brooke when she arrived at the Roadblock for being her usual trainwreck self but Liz starts acting even worse. Liz struggles with her mask because she is not correctly following the instructions. It's sad to see her so upset but it does feel the teensy bit like karma. Meanwhile Michael is outside literally punching stone because he is worried that they are going to be eliminated. I don't think I'll ever get tired of Brooke's shtick because Scott's reactions to her are perfect but Michael acting just as spoiled as Brooke is wearing very thin. 

However, I might feel about Michael, Liz and he are here to stay. They come in last place but they are not eliminated from The Amazing Race. Liz and Michael will face a speed bump in the next leg. A speed bump that will likely make Michael implode with rage but they are in this race for at least one more leg. 

Do you agree? Are you tired of Michael? Do you oddly enjoy Brooke and her whining? Did Logan and London cross a line not sharing the clue location? Does Venice work with The Amazing Race or was it just this leg? 

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