DeMario Jackson Confirms He'll Attend 'Bachelor in Paradise' Reunion
DeMario Jackson Confirms He'll Attend 'Bachelor in Paradise' Reunion
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DeMario Jackson won't be looking for love in the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise but he is looking forward to make amends and thank those who stuck by him amid his recent scandal. The 30-year-old former Bachelorette contestant has confirmed that he will be appearing in the upcoming reunion show of the summer dating spin-off, as well as the Men Tell All special of season 13.

"They've been very supportive of me throughout this whole entire thing and I want to all thank them, face to face, give them all hugs, bro-out, sis-out or whatever," Jackson told TMZ. "They've been so helpful. I mean, I don't think you guys understand the support that I've had from castmates and producers. I want to just give them all a big ol' hug and tell them how much I love them." 

As for fellow contestant Corinne Olympios, who was also involved in the Bachelor in Paradise scandal, it's uncertain whether she's planning to attend the reunion show. Jackson, however, doesn't intend to confront her. 

"It's not in me. That's not who I am as a person, like, I'm not one of those petty people. I'm a very forgiving person. It's just not in me. I mean, you attract more bees with honey, and if she's willing to speak ... we can talk on camera, off-line, whether it's there or in the future, or 10 years from now," Jackson said.

"I would love to talk to her. I have nothing but love for her and her family, man, that's it," he added.

Jackson and Olympios had a sexual encounter during filming of the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise, which eventually led to the suspension of production. An investigation led by Warner Bros. concluded that there was no misconduct and filming has since resumed.

Are you looking forward to Jackson's appearance on the reunion show?

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