Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Lace Morris Shares How She Met Her New Boyfriend Russell
Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Lace Morris Shares How She Met Her New Boyfriend Russell
Char  Little
Char Little
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Former Bachelor contestant Lace Morris is another testament that you can find love after competing for it in the ABC dating reality show.

Lacey opened up about her new boyfriend, Russell, with E! News recently and revealed the unique way they met one another. It turns out it was on the dating app Bumble. Thankfully, Lace and her new beau both hail from Colorado.

"Immediately we exchanged numbers and we just ended up fully talking. So, Bumble! Who would have thought?" she gushed. "We started talking at the beginning of January very nonchalantly. Literally, we were terrible at texting each other and it's weird how it worked out. After about two months, we finally went on our first date after not talking for a couple of weeks and we just immediately hit it off and it's crazy, we've been inseparable since!" 

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Lace competed in season 20 of The Bachelor in 2016 but fans might remember she didn't last long after she pulled the plug herself after just three episodes. But she didn't give up there. Viewers then saw her on Bachelor in Paradise later that year. That round did seem to work out for her as another contestant, Grant Kemp, ended up popping the question and the two got engaged! Still, when it seemed Lace had finally found love, she and Grant announced their breakup in November.

Now, she's going strong with Russell, even though she doesn't tag him in their photos on social media together.

"He's one of those guys where he literally acts like I am the only person that exists in this world and he doesn't care for all the creepers (online), he's not with me for all that ... He literally is like, 'I like you, I want to be with you and I want to enjoy this.' And he doesn't want to be tagged because he doesn't want a ton of people bothering him or following him, he doesn't like that."

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She reassured fans that she is over Grant after "mourning" the "terrible" breakup. She admitted there were some trust issues before they decided to part ways.

What do you think of Lace's new guy? Do you think she should tag him on their social media pictures? What do you think about her split with Grant?

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