The 9 Biggest 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 9 Reunion Bombshells
The 9 Biggest 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 9 Reunion Bombshells
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta ended with a hotly-anticipated, epic, four-part reunion -- a first for the entire franchise. All of the Housewives reunions are emotional drama-filled events (allegations of stripping, drug use, adultery), but Hotlanta's most famous peaches (and their guys) threw non-stop shade, spilled lots of tea and dropped some game-changing, show-stopping bombshells (at least everyone kept their hands to themselves.) Here's a rundown of the shocking moments that made this the most memorable Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion ever.

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9. Kandi's Cosmetic Surgery

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There were two new cast additions introduced at the reunion -- Kandi Burruss' boobs. Kandi was the last holdout as all of the other women have enhanced or lifted (we don't believe you, Kenya) their "girls." Those babies were hard to miss, and Kandi told host Andy Cohen she decided to take them from "sleek to on fleek."

8. The House a Rich African Built

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The "House Wars" raged between Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield all season long as the women completed their dream homes. "Moore Manor" and "Chataeu Sheree" may be finished, but the feud raged on as Kenya accused Sheree of not living in her home, and Sheree announced that a rich, African, married man gave Kenya the down payment for her palace. Kenya denied having a sugar daddy foot the bill for her abode, but Porsha Williams backed Sheree up, stating it was "true tea," she has the "African connection" because she's a "Nubian queen."

7. Kenya's Fake Romance

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Viewers watched Kenya's relationship with her boyfriend, Matt Jordan, implode over the course of the season. Eventually, his violent and abusive behavior caused Kenya to call it quits. Andy revealed Matt posted on Instagram that Miss Kenya hired him to pose as her love interest for the show. Kenya dismissed the allegation, stating Matt has posted and deleted numerous posts as a way to get her attention (Kenya has moved on with a new man.)

6. Peter's Message to Cynthia

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Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey discussed the demise of their marriage and addressed the rumors that the two had rekindled their romance during a couple's trip to Hawaii (they kept it platonic.) Peter stated "If I can't have all of her, I want none of her." Peter also declared that he would always love Cynthia and wish the best for her (both have started dating other people.)

Peter abruptly walked off the set, asked for a drink and spoke to the camera stating "to Cynthia Bailey, I just wish you were stronger because we would have been fucking amazing, but, hey, it is what it is."

5. Porsha's Homophobic Rant

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Some viewers felt the Atlanta women exhibited some homophobic behavior this season. Porsha claimed to have no problem with "them," stating "love is love." Kenya reminded Porsha there was a time when she wasn't so open-minded (Porsha stated in an evangelical sermon that gays and lesbians needed to be saved.) Porsha responded that the comments in question were made 10 years ago and taken out of context. She went on to say that she's grown and has love for everyone.

4. Phaedra and the Chocolate Factory

RHOA 0- Phaedra-Chocolate.jpg
Phaedra's marriage to ex-con turned con-man Apollo Nida has been under scrutiny since the union began to crumble during season 7. Speculation about Phaedra having a side piece hit a fever pitch when Apollo found texts between Phaedra and a mystery person named "Mr. Chocolate." Phaedra has always denied cheating on Apollo, but this season, Kandi revealed her former pal had been involved with someone prior to Apollo's incarceration. During the reunion, Phaedra finally came clean that she'd been "talking" to a man, just talking. She clarified that there was no Mr. Chocolate, just a girlfriend with the unfortunate moniker of "White Chocolate."

3. Porsha's Indecent Proposal

RHOA 9- Cast - Chocolate.JPG
There was a lot of chatter about girl-on-girl action this season, but it was a hook-up that never happened between Kandi and Porsha that had tongues really wagging. The details surrounding the two cuddling up at a club three years ago were murky until Kandi's husband Todd Tucker finally set the record straight. Todd told Andy his wife and Porsha shared a few kisses, and then Porsha asked Todd and Kandi to come back to her hotel room. Porsha vehemently denied Todd's recollection of events as well as Kandi's claim that Porsha offered to eat her out until she came. Porsha shot back that she could smell it (Kandi's vag) from where she was standing, "Hence the deuces."

2. Sheree Opens up About Domestic Abuse

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Fans know Sheree had a rough divorce, but this season they learned her marriage to Bob Whitfield was no picnic either. Sheree revealed that she had been abused throughout the course of the union. Sheree admitted that neither her own mother nor her children knew about it. Sheree told Andy that in addition to verbal and emotional abuse, the couple had several physical altercations. Sheree said that if it weren't for the show, she would have never talked about it. Viewers also discovered that Bob simply up and left Sheree and their children for six months, cutting off all contact.

1. Phaedra's Big Lie

RHOA 9-Phaedra Lie.JPG
Things took an ugly turn this season when Porsha informed Kandi that someone told her Kandi and Todd planned to drug her, take her back to their house and have sex with her. When Andy brought up the accusation, Porsha revealed that it was Phaedra who told her about the plot. Phaedra tried to spin it, stating that she heard the rumor from someone else, but Porsha was adamant that Phaedra said on three different occasions that she'd heard about the supposed plan directly from Kandi. Porsha realized she'd been played, used by Phaedra to get payback against Kandi. All of the women were so rattled and upset, they walked off set to regroup and calm down.

Andy interrogated Phaedra who denied having said it, didn't remember saying it and said she just repeated it before she begrudgingly admitted Porsha was telling the truth. Kandi was vindicated, Porsha was convinced she'd been played and everyone was left wondering why Phaedra would tell such a blatant lie.

Which bombshell from The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion shocked you the most? Should Porsha forgive Phaedra? Did Phaedra have good intentions, or is she just shady? Is Peter still in love with Cynthia? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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