'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Part 4 Recap: A Shocking Revelation Shuts the Reunion Down
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Part 4 Recap: A Shocking Revelation Shuts the Reunion Down
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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During part four of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 reunion, Porsha's revelation leaves the ladies reeling and has her reconsidering her friendship with Phaedra, the reunion shuts down as drama unfolds and one friendship ends for good.

After the trailer for the first-ever four-part Housewives reunion was released, fans have wondered what shocking revelation was going to be made that would send the women scampering and have Porsha in tears. It's taken three weeks, but we're finally getting the scoop on what caused the sit-down to dissolve into utter chaos.

You Know You Did It, Just Admit It

Part three of the reunion concluded with Phaedra revealing that it was Porsha who told her that Kandi and Todd planned to drug and take advantage of her. Phaedra's defense is that she heard it and simply repeated it, but Porsha calls Phaedra out, stating that Phaedra told her that Kandi said it directly to the attorney.

Kandi points out to Porsha that this is the penultimate example of why she believes Phaedra pulls Porsha's strings -- Phaedra used Porsha to get at Kandi. Porsha begins to sob and is comforted by Phaedra. Porsha insists that she would never say anything like that if Phaedra hadn't told her. Todd, Kenya and Kandi don't buy the act. (Kenya comments that there's no tears coming out of Porsha's eyes.)

Porsha leaves the set, but Kandi isn't about to let Phaedra off the hook. Kandi recalls how, at the dinner party in Hawaii, she repeatedly asked Phaedra, "Why would [Porsha] think that?" Porsha returns and sticks to her story of "Phony Phaedra," that her recollection of events is true. She trusts that as her friend, Phaedra would never tell her anything that would damage either her or a friend.

Phaedra remains mum, even after host Andy Cohen asks her why she would say such a thing. The best Phaedra can come up with when under the gun is that she doesn't remember saying it.

Cynthia admits that all the ladies have said some reckless stuff, but she felt that when it was implied that Kandi was trying to drug Porsha and rape her, things had gone way ... too ... far.

Again, Andy questions why Phaedra would say or repeat it, and Phaedra simply states that she repeated it because she heard it. Porsha confronts Phaedra, stating that Phaedra told her the day before Porsha sat down with Kandi and made the accusation. There was no third party involved; Phaedra told her that she heard it firsthand. As recently as two days prior to the reunion, Phaedra was sticking to her story. Porsha isn't going to drudge up text messages, but she also refuses to let Phaedra make a liar out of her.

Todd wonders why Porsha would believe it, and Porsha brings up that Phaedra is an attorney. Well, guess what, Porsha? Lawyers lie. Porsha goes on to say that she didn't accuse Kandi; she asked her a question, and there's nothing wrong with asking.

Andy tells Phaedra that she knew Porsha was bringing it out on television and asks if Phaedra is really that mad at Kandi. Phaedra denies being that angry with Kandi. Andy also wants to know if Phaedra thinks Kandi is actually capable of such a despicable act, and Phaedra can only fall back on the excuse that she was repeating it.

Kandi accuses Phaedra of setting Porsha up, and an incensed Porsha yells that Phaedra was using her to hurt Kandi. Phaedra finally admits she screwed up, but she doesn't come right out and confess to lying.

The Ladies Need a Time-Out

Kandi is shocked. True, the hostility has escalated between her and Phaedra over the years, but this goes beyond. Phaedra knows that Kandi doesn't do drugs, and as an attorney, Phaedra understands that the accusation is slanderous. Kandi reveals that she was getting comments on social media comparing her to Bill Cosby. A devastated Kandi screams at Porsha and Phaedra that they accused her of being a rapist. Kandi storms off the set, leaving Porsha sobbing, Sheree crying and Phaedra looking like the cat that regrets having eaten the canary.

Cynthia and Sheree have no idea what is going on. Kandi is comforted by her husband. Shamea finds Porsha and warns her that she can't continue to let people use her. Porsha pleads with her friend to just be there for her and spare her the lecture.

Porsha's sister, who apparently wasn't watching the taping, finds Porsha to find out what the hell happened. Porsha recounts everything that's gone down. Porsha wonders if she and Phaedra were ever really friends, and on top of that, she just got a cease and desist order, which is some serious criminal shit.

Andy checks in with Porsha, who feels hurt because she loves Phaedra and Kandi, and things have gotten really ugly. She feels set-up and really bad for Kandi. Andy thinks it would be interesting to hear why Phaedra told Porsha what she did and also to sincerely apologize to Kandi. (Hey, they don't call him the Housewives Wrangler for nothing.)

Andy's next stop is Kandi, who's surrounded by the other women except for Phaedra. (She's off getting touched up). And the singer/songwriter wants to know how the host feels about what just went down. He's uncharacteristically shocked.

Cynthia manages to find the upside: at least Kandi has been vindicated, and how she's reacted to all of this is completely justified.

Kenya's tired of Porsha and Phaedra's constant lies. She doesn't care if they're trying to throw each other under the bus; she's ready to take them both down.

Phaedra comes to Porsha and apologizes for "repeating" the lie. Porsha questions if Phaedra honestly believed that Kandi could do such a thing, and Phaedra replies that she didn't know. But if something had happened to Porsha, she would have been a bad friend. Porsha wants Phaedra to understand how effed up this whole situation is and how effed up she's been looking for standing by Phaedra's side. Porsha wants some answers because she feels like she's been used as a pawn.

Phaedra Comes Clean-ish

Everybody pulls themselves together, and it's back to business. Porsha wants to know at what point Phaedra was going to stop the madness, but Phaedra just offers another apology. Kandi knows that if Porsha hadn't called Phaedra out, she would have let Porsha go right up under that bus. Phaedra had many, many chances to come clean, particularly in Hawaii. Porsha was curious as to why Kandi would ask Phaedra, who knows that Kandi doesn't drink or do drugs, to vouch for her, if Kandi had revealed her diabolical plan to get Porsha on her back.

Phaedra finally says she told Porsha that she heard it directly. Phaedra apologizes to Kandi and Porsha for repeating it, blaming it on poor judgement. So Phaedra said she heard it directly from Kandi but still ascertains that she actually heard it from somebody else. But the burning question is, what would make Phaedra believe it to be true? Phaedra begins to say that she doesn't know if it sounded believable, but she's interrupted by Cynthia, who knows that none of this sounds like Kandi and doesn't believe that Phaedra could believe in her heart that Kandi would be capable of drugging someone and raping them.

Kenya brings up the sex dungeon, Todd's philandering alter ego "Marvin" and the seven-year lesbian relationship. Phaedra owns up that she did tell Porsha that Kandi's husband had been in NYC, scouting some vag and using the alias Marvin.

Kandi reveals that Todd hasn't been to New York without her in over a year. He hasn't felt like going by himself since the death of his mother.

Andy is convinced that Phaedra's motive is anger, and when Phaedra denies that being the case, he accuses her of lying.

Porsha apologizes to Kandi for the entire situation. Kandi's still angry for Porsha believing what Phaedra told her. Did Porsha just want to cut her deep?

Phaedra says that she feels horrible as well and is sorry this happened.

Todd remarks that he's the last husband standing and wonders if they aren't going to be cool until he's gone. He advises that all the women speak the truth; the truth hurts enough.

The Kandi-Phaedra Drama Continues

All of this drama is the perfect segue to the rocky season that Kandi and Phaedra had and the final nail in the coffin of their friendship.

As far as Phaedra's association with Kandi's former employee Johnnie goes, Kandi felt Phaedra was purposely trying to hit her where it hurts: her wallet. Phaedra maintains that Johnnie came to her, and she simply referred him to another attorney and accompanied him to the meeting.

The lawsuit is ongoing, and Kandi reveals that Johnnie is suing her for unpaid overtime, totaling over $150,000. Kandi calls the amount ridiculous and insists that she paid him everything he was owed. She also denies Johnnie's belief that he came up with the concept for her restaurant. Again, Phaedra states that it wasn't personal. But that doesn't mean she's not irritated by the things that Kandi's done on camera, like insinuating that Phaedra has let Mr. Chocolate melt in her mouth.

Kandi makes it clear that she never said Phaedra cheated. But she had grown tired of Phaedra accusing her of not being around during her marital problems when Phaedra had told her she was already talking to someone who she thought could be the next Mr. Parks.

As far as Phaedra's concerned, there was no Mr. Chocolate. She'll only divulge that there was a man she was speaking to who was encouraging her. She was going through a rough time, and they talked on the phone and texted. The Chocolate that everyone is referring to is her girlfriend, White Chocolate.

It looks like the chapter is officially closed on the Kandi-Phaedra friendship.

In the final moments of the show, Andy confronts Phaedra with being caught in a huge lie and not completely copping to it. Phaedra says obviously she didn't know things were going to go down like they did, and there isn't anything else she can do. The person she's most concerned about is Porsha.

Porsha wants the dysfunctional cycle of causing pain to stop, and she acknowledges her part by apologizing to Kenya and Cynthia. As for Phaedra, the future of Frick and Frack remains a question mark.

Should Phaedra return for another season? Can Porsha and Phaedra mend their friendship? Did the catfighting go way too far? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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