Eden Sassoon Talks About Her 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Exit, Slams Lisa Vanderpump
Eden Sassoon Talks About Her 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Exit, Slams Lisa Vanderpump
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After announcing that she won't be returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for season eight, Eden Sassoon opens up about the nature of her exit while slamming her co-star Lisa Vanderpump. During a guest host stint on Thursday night's The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro, the daughter of the late beauty icon Vidal Sassoon basically said she wasn't asked to return on the Bravo series and that Vanderpump is not as charitable as she claims to be.

"Because I commit and I made a commitment to them, I would've gone back because I knew that they needed me for unfinished business," said Sassoon, who made her RHOBH debut in season seven. "And I made a commitment to them and to Bravo. But my spirit and soul would've just been getting dimmer and dimmer and dimmer, and so it would've -- I would've, honestly, I would've struggled for the next year of my life."

Last Thursday, Sassoon took to social media to announce her departure. "I want to BE the one to share with everyone this news. I WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO #RHOBH NEXT SEASON," she posted on Facebook. "In receiving this #news I feel free & ALIVE to BE the REAL ME that was not shown to the #bravo world of viewers. I truly am #grateful for the experience & huge life lessons I was up against." 

At the time, the single mother of two didn't explain the reason why she's not returning though her words "In receiving this #news" is a pretty clear indication that she didn't quit the show on her own. 

Sassoon, who would have loved to return to RHOBH had she been asked, ended season seven with huge blowout with co-star Lisa Rinna. These days, however, she's focusing her frustration on a different co-star.

"We asked her to be a part of [the Nail and Bone fundraiser], and because of reasons of, I'm going to be honest, because I can't be half on the show, she chose not to," Sassoon said of Vanderpump. "Which was amazing to me because he was giving a lot of his sales to maybe three or four different organizations, and because of some red tape bullshit, she said no."

"And I love Vanderpump and I respect her, but her exact comments were sort of, 'When you're ready to do an event that is solely on my property or my ground, I'll do it.' So it's ego."

Unfortunately, Sassoon's latest claim doesn't sit well with Vanderpump, who took to social media to lash back at her.

Why do you think Sassoon was fired? Do you believe her claims against Vanderpump?

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