'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion Part 2 Recap: How Far Does Kim Take Her Grudge Against Lisa Rinna?
'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion Part 2 Recap: How Far Does Kim Take Her Grudge Against Lisa Rinna?
Sundi Rose
Sundi Rose
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In the second part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7 reunion, things don't really heat up until the guests show up. The women continue to gang all the way up on PK as he tries to explain himself, but things really heat up when Eden and Kim join the ladies. If you're not willing to hear the word 'sobriety' a million times, you might as well not even tune in. Just read this recap and be done with the whole thing.

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Ugh ... This Again?

Yes. We're still freaking talking about Erika's damn panties. Enough already. Now host Andy Cohen is suggesting that Lisa Vanderpump was pulling strings from the side. He loops in old comments from Erika about Vanderpump being a "sniper from the side," and it ignites a storm of over-talking and clucking. 

Erika can't let it go, despite her many, many declarations that she has. PK's presence is only muddying the matters. PK thinks the whole thing is overblown (he's not wrong), and he refuses to offer an apology to Erika's husband (which he doesn't really owe). I'm not taking PK's side, by any means, but he and Dorit are right. It's time to move on. Chalk it up to making a bad joke.

Deep-Rooted Problems

PK assigns all sorts of judgment on the other ladies. Apparently, he thinks Lisa Rinna is "certifiable" and that Erika's marriage is sort of troubled. The ladies pick apart why he's even there, and they are forcing me to take his side, which I don't love at all. 

PK has contracted the selective amnesia that everyone else has and forgets what he's said here and there. Fine, whatever. But he doesn't back down and dives right into Rinna's accusation about the cocaine. PK's characterization of the whole thing is "mean girls bullying [his] wife."

You have to hand it to PK. He's handling all these women coming at him with a lot more grace than some of the actual housewives. He doesn't raise his voice or call names, and he is one cool customer.

The Beverly Hills Greeting

When a reunion is three parts, you have to have some filler. We spend a solid six minutes discussing how the ladies greet each other. Known as the "Beverly Hills greeting," it consists of a double air kiss, an excited "hello" and an effusive deluge of compliments that reassure the other person that you think they look "gorgeous." 

This last third of the greeting has to be delivered with the right amount of enthusiasm and, even if it's an outright lie, you better say it with enough high-pitched squealing to make it believable. I don't mind this ritual at all. It's so much better than constantly discussing another woman's knickers.

Kim and Eden Join the Party

Eden is a long hugger, and the ladies complain about it. However, this is the least of her problems. I can't imagine how terrible Eden must have felt watching all the ladies say mean things about her, but she didn't pull any punches on Twitter. 

Kyle tries to defend herself, but it just comes off as an anemic attempt to save face. It's pretty clear that Eden isn't all that well liked, as evidenced by how little effort they put into apologizing for their crappy attitudes about her. 

The talk turns to Rinna and Eden, who started out as fast friends until things took a weird turn, mostly because of Rinna. Of course, we have to loop back to Rinna's gossiping about Kim's sobriety, and her flare for selective amnesia. Watching the footage makes it apparent what a crazy person Rinna is, and Eden is completely vindicated from any blame, in my opinion.

Kim's Inventory

"Taking my inventory" is apparently a term used in sobriety programs, and Kim is very offended that Eden would dare to take hers. I guess being on a reality show and inviting millions of people to have an opinion is fine, but another recovering addict being concerned is just taking things too far. Kim's indignance rings a little too melodramatic.

"Lisa Rinna, Why Did You Say It?"

We're finally around to confronting Rinna about why in the world she would make up some story about Kim's sobriety. Kim says Rinna "lies, cries and denies," but then in the next breath says she won't always be disappointed in Rinna. We never get around to an answer, but at least they aren't at each other's throats. 

They have a super weird moment, in which Kim returns the baby gift that Rinna gave to her. The blue bunny, still in its wrapper, is presented to Rinna, for her to give to someone else with better energy. The tension is so thick, and everyone is so clenched, it might just be one of the most awkward reunion moments in the history of Housewives.

Everybody is scrambling to make sense of it, but when it comes down to it, Kim is a jerk. Giving that bunny back to Rinna at the reunion is meant to embarrass her. Rinna is devastated and has to get up and walk away with tears. I don't agree with Rinna about much, but she's right about Kim "showing her true colors."

The third and final installment of the reunion promises to address Rinna's pill bag and Dorit's "big mouth." I can't wait. 

Should we really be discussing a person's sobriety so openly on a reality show? Should we just give Eden and Kim their own show? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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