'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': At Teddi's Glam Party, Dorit is Still in the Hot Seat
'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': At Teddi's Glam Party, Dorit is Still in the Hot Seat
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In the episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills entitled "Wham, Glam, Thank You Ma'am," Teddi invites all of the women over for a glam day. Once there, Dorit is put on blast by both Teddi and Camille due to her recent actions within the group.

A Glam Day at Teddi's Goes Sideways For Dorit

Teddi gets the women together, Dorit included, to indulge in a glam day. Dorit shows up earlier than the rest of the women at Teddi's behest so that they can clear the air between them over this issue of Dorit's tardiness. Teddi lays out her hurt feelings and the fact that Dorit has been trying to angle the girls against her. Quickly, the voices escalate and they begin to argue back and forth over a supposed miscommunication between the two. Nothing is really resolved other than the fact that Dorit was very late and Teddi was pissed and they all went to try to get the other women on their side

After the rest of the women show up, Dorit tries to bring Kyle into the mess to mince even more details between the overwrought argument between her and Teddi. Since Dorit is the public enemy of what was supposed to be a very relaxed glam day, she doesn't only fight with Teddi. After those two decide to drop their ridiculous war of the tardy lunch date, Dorit tries to apologize for calling Camille the "C" word at Kyle's dinner just days before. Camille doesn't let Dorit down without giving her a piece of her mind, but unlike Teddi, Camille chooses to let it go, not choosing to give Dorit anymore attention.


  • Between all of her restaurants and now her new dog shelter, does Lisa Vanderpump own half of West Hollywood by now? 

  • Dorit is so wealthy that she went shopping for a car that literally only five percent of people on this planet have ever heard of.

  • How cute were those teeny tiny puppies at Vanderpump Dogs?!

  • Using the lawsuit against Ken was kind of a non-start plot point for Lisa Vanderpump. Esepcially when she tried to start drama with Lisa Rinna over it, but it just fell on deaf ears.

Were you happy to see Dorit's apology tour? How ridiculous was that car she wanted to buy P.K. for his birthday? Do you wish that Erika was a little more in the middle of all the drama instead of on the sidelines? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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