'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Lisa Vanderpump's Need for Attention Causes Strife Between Her and Kyle
'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Lisa Vanderpump's Need for Attention Causes Strife Between Her and Kyle
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In this episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, titled "Petty Mess," Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump come to blows at a dinner in Dorit's presence that results in Lisa storming away from the table. The issue follows them to Teddi's beach house as the air becomes thick with awkwardness and hostility between the two.

Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump's Friendship Takes a Hit

After Kyle came to the defense of Teddi at PK's birthday party, Dorit sets out to confront her at a dinner with her and Lisa Vanderpump. While at dinner, Lisa decides to inform the two of them that the lawsuit against her and Todd in regards to her pet shelter has been dropped. Kyle takes this chance to make it about her, which opens the door for Dorit to attack her over the events on the yacht.

It quickly becomes Kyle versus Lisa/Dorit. And even though Kyle is speaking her truth, and rightfully so, she fights a losing battle. Dorit jokes about liking Lisa more than Kyle, which is why Dorit has given Lisa a pass in the midst of all this, but Kyle remains under fire. Kyle begins to cry due to frustration. And while Dorit tries to talk it out with her friend, Lisa Vanderpump storms away from the table and out the door.

Kyle attacks Lisa for being an attention seeker, and Dorit stands firm in agreement. Dorit tells Kyle that Lisa has confided in her that she craves Kyle's attention when in the presence of the other ladies. Kyle begins to learn that Lisa has a higher degree of trust with Dorit than she does with Kyle, despite their years-long relationship.

Teddi invites all of the women to her beach house, and all but Lisa Rinna are able to attend. Kyle and Dorit arrive together and aren't in the house longer than four seconds before Lisa Vanderpump brings up the dinner. She claims that her feelings are hurt over the fact that neither of them paid attention to her dismissed lawsuit, but Kyle and Dorit see right through this to Lisa's core and her need for attention. Though it dissipates for a bit, their fight reignites when Kyle and Lisa argue in circles again over Lisa's need for attention and Kyle feeling like second fiddle when it comes to Dorit. Though the argument takes over the whole episode, by the end the long-time friends apologize and make peace.


  • How creepy is that doll that Dorit decided to gift PK?

  • Lisa Rinna's daughter wanting a non-surgical face-lift at the age of 17 is a dark state of affairs.

  • Kyle really needs to team up with the absent Lisa Rinna in order to have a fair fight against Dorit and Lisa.

Did you think Teddi's house was cute? Do you agree that Lisa Vanderpump is an attention whore? Were you surprised to see Dorit not in the middle of the drama? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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