'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Which Housewife Unexpectedly Turns on Teddi?
'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Which Housewife Unexpectedly Turns on Teddi?
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In this episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, titled "Crying Shame," Teddi stirs the pot a little bit by telling Lisa Rinna something that Dorit said three months ago. When that conversation comes to light, it not only pits Dorit against Teddi but also throws Erika into the fray.

A Casual Dinner Reopens Old Wounds

Lisa Rinna gets her nails done with Teddi and starts to praise Dorit and their new friendship, but Teddi is quick to put a skewer in that. She relays the conversation she once had with both Dorit and PK after the trip to Vegas where they both insinuated that Lisa Rinna could be schizophrenic. Dorit goes over to Erika's, while Lisa Vanderpump goes to lunch with her new BFF Teddi. The dynamic of Dorit within the group is the topic of conversation at both tables. Dorit admits that she's jealous of the new friendship between Lisa and Teddi, and Teddi claims to feel like there still needs to be some form of resolution between her and Dorit.

All of the ladies get together for drinks and to catch up, but Teddi picks up Dorit first so that they can have their chat. Events fast forward to Dorit and Teddi joining the rest of the girls at the dinner table. Dorit decides to bring the rest of the women into the battle between herself and Teddi that transpired on the way to dinner. Teddi filled Dorit in on the fact that she told Lisa Rinna about Dorit's statements about her mental health. Lisa Rinna chimes in and lets it all roll off her shoulders like a real pro and voices her opinion and quickly slinks to the background, but Dorit and Teddi still forge on in their disagreement. Dorit tries to blame Teddi for bringing up a three-month-old conversation but takes no accountability for ever saying the statement to begin with.

The conversation changes to the dinner in New York where Dorit aired a private conversation between her and Lisa Vanderpump. Teddi tries to bring Erika into it but is immediately shut down when Erika shuts her mouth before she can even utter a word. Erika goes off on Teddi for trying to insinuate that Erika is choosing to remember the events of New York wrong. Erika seems to be the straw that broke Teddi's back, as the latter walks out of the restaurant in tears due to Erika's verbal assault.


  • Welcome back, Eileen!

  • Nobody cares about Kyle having an internal struggle about possibly buying a new $9 million home.

  • Teddi truly looks like a deer in the headlights when Erika snaps back at her.

Were you happy to see Teddi finally have a backbone? Would you buy one of Dorit's swimsuits? Were you happy to see former housewife Eileen make a quick return? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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