'The Real Housewives of New York City' Recap: Ramona Picks a Fight with Bethenny
'The Real Housewives of New York City' Recap: Ramona Picks a Fight with Bethenny
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Now that we've met the whole cast of season 9 of The Real Housewives of New York City, it's time for the ladies to stop playing nice, and there's no better opportunity to start the pettiness than with a weekend away in the Hamptons. Especially now that Dorinda and Sonja have to come face-to-face for the first time since the reunion. Let's see how things go down in "A New Low."

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Going to the Hamptons

Sonja and Tinsley are packing for the Hamptons. Sonja is still going on about Tom and Luann and the same old song and dance. Tinsley says that if Sonja wants to keep her friendship with Luann, she has to completely drop the whole Tom thing.

Sonja also expresses regret at not inviting Dorinda to her tea party. She was hurt by not being invited to the Berkshires, so she says she shouldn't have done the same to Dorinda.

But Dorinda doesn't feel the same way. She's at Luann's home in the Berkshires and she says she was glad not to be invited. She also shows Luann and her daughter pictures of Sonja that got sent to her from Luann's bridal shower. In the pictures, Sonja is getting "doggie-styled by the stripper," in Dorinda's words. She says if that's what Sonja is like "sober," she'd hate to see her drunk.

Bethenny has Carole over to her Hamptons home and it's proving to be a challenge. All Carole can do is talk about the election and in the most condescending I-know-more-than-you-do manner. She thinks she's more educated and more informed just because she used to be a reporter. God is she a snob.

Dorinda and Luann go out on the boat for more Hamptons fun. Luann knows she won't technically be a Countess anymore, but she'll always be a Countess at heart. And now Dorinda's getting more nervous knowing she's going to see Dorinda. But Luann swears she'll have her back.

Carole and Bethenny go to get some "Eastern medicine" treatments for their stresses. Carole for her democracy depression and Bethenny for her numerous personal stresses involving her ex and her kid. Bethenny gets some acupuncture and cupping and Carole talks to the masseuse about some toe fungus. Sexy. Anyway, they worry about things being awkward with Luann. They haven't really all been together since Miami and then the reunion, so things are still a bit tense.

Pile on Bethenny

All of the ladies (minus Sonja and Tinsley) are planning dinner in the Hamptons. Carole and Bethenny get to their destination first and then Ramona arrives. she seems to be a bit jumpy around Bethenny. She immediately demands that Bethenny compliment her picture of Ramona and Avery. It's weird.

Dorinda indulges Carole in election talk to try to make small talk but it just makes things awkward. Ramona is still offended at the way Carole spoke to her at the tea party and doesn't know if she wants to go to Carole's election night party.

Ramona asks Bethenny about her daughter Bryn in what seems like a normal manner. Then she asks her if anyone has been showing Bryn, who is six, the naked pictures of Bethenny on the internet. Bethenny thinks it's laughable that her daughter would have access to this kind of information. And she's not embarrassed about being topless in a B movie 25 years ago. She says she was trying to be an actress and she needed the money. She sees right through Ramona's attempt at humiliating her, but bringing her daughter into it is a new low, even for Ramona.

Ramona then claims that it's Bethenny who is being nasty. She says she's getting defensive for no reason and that friends should be able to be honest with each other. Dorinda tells Bethenny to ignore Ramona, and Bethenny remains calm. But Ramona and Luann continue to talk about her as if she was not sitting at the table.

Bethenny can't understand where all of this is coming from and Dorinda says Ramona's argument is going over like a lead balloon. But since Ramona can't get a rise out of Bethenny, she continues to prod and prod and prod and getting Luann to join in. She says that Bethenny is really smart at business, but stupid when it comes to interacting with people. She turns to Luann to talk to her because Bethenny's just a "witch" and Luann agrees that she is "wicked."

Bethenny does say a lot of wrong things at wrong times, but she's done absolutely nothing wrong in this situation. So instead of sitting there and taking it, she excuses herself. Luann says Bethenny has called her much worse in the past, but she didn't flee the scene of the crime, insinuating that Bethenny is a coward for not sitting there and just taking abuse. 

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Dorinda's Plan

The next day, Ramona, Dorinda and Luann go to lunch at a beautiful vineyard to talk smack about Bethenny. Ramona is puzzled as to why Bethenny reacted the way she did. Dorinda says that Ramona has a timing issue, but Bethenny can dish it but she can't take it.

The topic turns to Sonja. Apparently she's taken to Facebook to talk trash about Luann's tacky wedding and John and Dorinda's bad relationship. If Dorinda had it before, she's especially had it now.

However, Sonja tells Tinsley that she wants to bury the hatchet with Dorinda. She says she wants to forget being not invited to the Berkshires and just get back to having fun.

At Bethenny's house, she and Carole tell her friend, Jim, about what happened at dinner. Bethenny thinks that Ramona is trying to "gotcha" her and thinks that including her daughter is just disgusting. At least it gets her out of going to Ramona's dinner party tonight though. But now poor Carole has to fly solo.

Carole does show up at Ramona's home because she's not the one feuding with her after all. Dorinda fills Carole in on all the dirt she has on Sonja. She claims to have a "mole" compiling a file on Sonja for her. She won't admit if this guy is a P.I. or part of the F.B.I or what, but now Carole just knows not to eff with Dorinda.

And Dorinda is staying off the martini train at this dinner party. Tonight, she's stalking her prey and waiting until she's in the perfect position before going in for the kill. Yikes.

Next time: Dorinda goes in for the kill! Will Sonja survive?

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