'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Reunion Part 2 Recap: Has Vicki and Tamra's Feud Come to an End?
'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Reunion Part 2 Recap: Has Vicki and Tamra's Feud Come to an End?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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During part two of The Real Housewives of Orange County season 12 reunion, the women recount events in Iceland, Peggy opens up about feeling snubbed by her castmates, Meghan makes a big announcement, and Tamra and Vicki try to resolve their differences.

Part one of the reunion ended with Shannon revealing that she and David had split. (This was not common knowledge at the time of filming.) All the women headed off to grab a bite and process the big news. Part two should bring some more revelations and be the cherry on the shit sundae that was season 12 of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

That One, This One and the Other

Shannon's "bombshell" doesn't get her completely off the hook for her tumultuous season. Shannon accuses Lydia of provoking her, knowing it would get a reaction and make Lydia "relevant." 

Tamra defends her friend, stating that Shannon spent the whole season in denial. She didn't want to admit that her marriage was falling apart. Host Andy Cohen asks Shannon if she thinks she owes anyone an apology, and she admits that she did mistreat Tamra following Peggy and Diko's anniversary party. It's obvious that the two worked through their differences long ago. She does indicate remorse for her behavior at the Quiet Woman and at Tamra's granddaughter's birthday party. 

Peggy chimes in that she feels Shannon owes her an apology, stating that Shannon was disrespectful to her from the very beginning while she's only been nice. Peggy's especially annoyed that Shannon referred to her as "that one" at Kelly's boob party. 

Meghan points out that Peggy engaged in some bad behavior herself and owes Meghan an apology for clamping her lips shut when Meghan spoke to Vicki about her feud with Tamra and Shannon. Peggy justifies her actions by proclaiming that Meghan needed to zip her lip. Peggy refuses to apologize and lapses into serious resting bitch face. (Nobody likes you, Peggy. Nobody.)

Preggie Meghie and the Nasty Texts

More big news: Meghan is preggers! Congrats to the mom-to-be. Meghan may have been busy as a new mom, but she still found time to stick her nose where it didn't belong. Andy points out that Meghan and Kelly used to be pretty tight, but this season, not so much. Viewers know things went south when a pregnant Meghan texted Kelly asking if she was having an affair. (Kelly maintains that she was not.) A few weeks later, Kelly returned the favor, texting Meghan to tell her that her dickhead husband, Jim, was cheating on her. (This ugly transaction came to light during drag queen bingo.)

Meghan defends her actions, stating that there was no malicious intent behind her message, but the same couldn't be said of Kelly. Meghan also argues that she went straight to the source, but Kelly came to her instead of Jimmy. Confused? Yeah, so am I, and apparently so is Andy. Andy thinks that since Kelly is (or was) Meghan's friend, girl code would dictate that Kelly would speak to Meghan, not the alleged cheating spouse. 

Kelly is aggravated. She thought this whole thing was squashed, they had apologized and moved on. But it seems Meghan can't quite forgive and forget, hammering the point that she was pregnant when Kelly made the accusation. There's lots of moral relativism and hypocrisy going on here. So it looks like Meghan's mea culpa was more of a "Sorry, not sorry" situation. 

The fact that Kelly mom-shamed Meghan comes up, and Meghan wants to know why Kelly is so damaged. Kelly disagrees that she's damaged and once again brings up the fact that instead of worrying about and spreading gossip, Meghan's main priority should be her child. 

Kelly's been a busy little bee, continuing to make accusations about Jim's infidelity and insinuating that Meghan was Jim's mistress prior to becoming his wife. Kelly claims she did this to get back at Meghan for doing something similar when Kelly and Michael filed for divorce. (Meghan said Kelly was cheating.) All I have to say is where there's this much smoke, there's got to be some fire. Andy finally shuts the whole thing down, realizing there isn't going to be any resolution.

Would Somebody Get This Woman a Casserole?

Viewers aren't sure what to make of Peggy and Diko's marriage. Some find Diko controlling, while others think he's just super supportive. Peggy responds that when they first got married, she felt Diko was controlling. But as they got to know each other better and grew closer, she viewed his behavior as protective. 

The conversation inevitably turns to Peggy's cancer. Because her mother died at age 51 of breast cancer, that weighed heavily on Peggy's decision to have the double mastectomy. And for anyone who is still confused, doctors did find a small amount of cancer. 

Peggy's father died just prior to filming. She was on medication and dealing with the after effects of her surgery and treatment. She wasn't looking for sympathy, but Peggy was hoping for support.

Peggy dissolves into tears because nobody treated her the way she thought she should be treated. Meghan says things might have been different if Peggy had spoken up, and Lydia claims that nobody bothered to ask. Why the hell would you go on a reality show in the wake of all that personal stuff? I'm not unsympathetic, just genuinely confused. 

Andy wants to know why Peggy thinks people had difficulty understanding or believing her backstory regarding her cancer. Peggy says she was in denial, so it was hard for her to just come out and say it.

Desperate Housewives or Valley of the Dolls?

The time comes for everyone to relive the girls' getaway to Iceland. The most memorable event was Vicki's health scare. She explains to Andy that she wasn't feeling well, so Kelly gave her a Xanax. (Miss Vicki had an Adderall that morning.) Then somebody slipped Vicki some NyQuil, and now we know that a case of "the Vickis" is mixing meds and being high as a kite. 

The women all admit they were intoxicated most of the trip, which culminated in the Viking dinner showdown -- or should I say meltdown? Vicki apologized to Shannon, but Shannon felt it was disingenuous since Tamra basically demanded Vicki do it. 

Peggy maintains that Kelly, Tamra and Meghan were making fun of her. Peggy even recorded their conversation without the women's knowledge. The ladies maintain that they were not laughing at Peggy. Peggy then brings up Kelly threatening (jokingly) that she was going to have her dad beat up Peggy's dad, forgetting that the man had recently died. Kelly insists that this was an off-the-cuff response to Peggy threatening to have Diko call Michael to tattle on Kelly.

These two bickered the entire trip, and Kelly chalked it up to Peggy's attempts to control Kelly's behavior. It was a convoluted mess the first time around, and rehashing it serves no purpose. Trying to figure out what actually happened with these women is like herding drunk cats. Everybody talks, nobody listens and you get five or six versions of a story. 

Peggy tells Andy that she left Iceland because she was in pain. She was dealing with the expanders and certainly wasn't getting any support from anyone other than Lydia. I want so badly to feel sorry for Peggy, but it boils down to the fact that this woman was in no condition emotionally or physically to be on the show. Bad call on Peggy's part and Bravo's. 

Putting Their Feud Back in the Closet

Next up, the season-long feud between Tamra and Vicki. At the beginning of the season, Vicki was hopeful that the two would reconcile while Tamra was undecided. Lydia felt compelled to try and bring them back together because her best memories of the show involve whooping it up with the two former besties-turned-worsties. 

Tamra accuses Vicki of going after her marriage, which Vicki denies. They both accuse each other of spreading rumors. Vicki called Eddie gay, and Tamra said Vicki was a con artist. Andy's curious why Shannon inserted herself into Tamra and Vicki's conversation at Kelly's volleyball/boob party. Shannon reveals that she was constantly getting calls from Tamra about Vicki leaking stories that Eddie was gay. Shannon didn't want Tamra to forget all the pain Vicki had caused her and get hurt all over again.

And what did Tamra mean when she told Vicki in Iceland that Vicki chose Brooks over her? Well, Tamra was trying to protect her friend, and even after Vicki found out that Brooks was lying, she never got an apology or props for looking out for Vicki's best interests. 

Apparently, Vicki is still determined to either out Eddie herself or get someone else to do it, which is why she and Tamra remain on the outs after that cathartic heart-to-heart in Iceland. Vicki admits to making mistakes but also makes it clear that Shannon and Tamra aren't exactly innocent. 

One thing Tamra has apparently done is call Vicki out for being homophobic. The women call each other liars. And I'm not kidding -- at one point, Tamra puts her fingers in her ears, refusing to listen to Vicki and just chants, "Liar, liar, liar," over and over again like a kid on the playground. Grow up, ladies. This isn't a good color on Tamra, which Vicki points out, and Tamra snaps back that nothing looks good on Vicki. This is the final straw for the OG of the OC because she gets up, storms off to her dressing room and says she's done. And not just done with the reunion, but the whole damn show. 

Lydia goes to comfort Vicki and coaxes her back onto the set. Tamra asks Vicki why she just can't apologize and mean it? Vicki apologizes, but Tamra wants her to open a vein and really lay it all on the table. Vicki apologizes again and swears to stop talking about the whole Eddie thing. She promises. Vicki also admits that she owes Eddie an apology. That's right, Vicki raises the white flag -- she surrenders. 

In return, Vicki would like Tamra to stop saying Vicki was in on Brooks' cancer scam. Vicki insists she was scammed. Tamra swears to never speak of it again. The two hug, and it turns into a three-way lovefest with Shannon as well. (It's a weird Housewives circle jerk.) Tamra even invites Vicki to sit with her on the couch, and they clasp hands. 

And they all live happily ever after, until next time.

Do you buy the Vicki-Tamra-Shannon peace treaty? How long will it last? Were the ladies unkind and unsympathetic to Peggy? Should Peggy have been more outspoken about her need for attention? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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