Jennifer Hudson Is Becoming the Most Passionate 'Voice' Coach
Jennifer Hudson Is Becoming the Most Passionate 'Voice' Coach
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Jennifer Hudson's role on The Voice coaching panel has become very divisive. While some find the energy she brings to the show refreshing and exhilarating, many more (or at least a vocal minority) find her too loud and borderline rude. It's easy to understand why, as Jennifer certainly hasn't been meek on The Voice season 13 and will often go after the other coaches when she really wants an artist on her team. However, Jennifer's energy is just being misunderstood. She's not rude, she's just passionate and acting no different than the likes of Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

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Just Another Voice in the Crowd

There's no sense denying that Jennifer can be brutal. While a new coach typically starts off The Voice being a little laid-back, Jennifer has blown into the show like a hurricane. There's not a single part of Jennifer that is holding back on the show, especially when it comes to the coaches' debating that follows nearly every audition. Jennifer has shown no deference or respect for the other coaches, believing, if she pressed her button, that she's the best coach for the contestant. 

It's understandable why that can be off-putting but it's the attitude that a Voice coach should have with every audition. If a coach doesn't believe they're the best option for an artist, they have no business pressing their button. It's certainly true that everyone is talented on the panel but part of being on The Voice is acknowledging that you're a better mentor than your competition. 

It's certainly a mindset that Adam and Blake already possess. Since Adam and Blake have such a long history on the show and have made it clear that they're friends off-camera, it's easy to give their bickering on The Voice a pass. Blake insulting Adam about everything from his clothes to his talent (and vice versa) is seen as a playful act. 

Jennifer doing nearly the same thing, calling Blake and Adam out on all their quirks, can be misconstrued as arrogance. In reality though, Jennifer telling Adam to "sit down" or sniping at Blake is just as much in good fun as Adam and Blake's antics. 

This is obvious because Jennifer only really takes her claws out when one or two more coaches press their button for an artist. If she isn't in the running or she is only going up against one other coach for an artist, Jennifer is much, much more reserved. 

Jennifer's more pleasant, kinder and calm when she isn't strongly fighting for an artist. That's probably "the real Jennifer." It's the person who exists in The Voice moments that don't make it to air. The shoe throwing and belting is an act but it's an act that is important to The Voice as a show. 

A Loud Coach Is the Best Coach

Jennifer's behavior can be a little outlandish but it also proves how much she wants an artist on her team. The energy that Jennifer shows when she pushes her button is something that every Voice contestant should want in their coach. Jennifer isn't being rude, if anything she's showing how much the artists (and the show) mean to her. 

The loud arguing is just one small fraction of what Jennifer has added to The Voice. Several times in the audition rounds, Jennifer has taken time out of the usual bickering to offer some real constructive advice to the artists, right on the spot. 

One of her best moments occurred in the fourth night of auditions where Jennifer took a chance on Stephan Marcellus. Stephan completely bungled the beginning of the audition but Jennifer saw potential in him and pressed her button. She then proceeded to furiously scribble notes on how Stephan can improve in the future. 

It's this type of behavior that not only makes Jennifer unique but a refreshing presence on the panel. She was compassionate and caring towards Stephan's mistake but still showed off the confidence that has gotten her into (mostly) fake verbal brawls with the coaches. 

Jennifer's loud and excitable but that shouldn't be mistaken for rudeness. It's just passionate confidence in her abilities to mentor artists and in the artists' skills themselves, both of which are essential to appearing on The Voice

What are you feelings on Jennifer? Do you find her off-putting or is she exciting and refreshing? Sound off in the comments below!

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