'The Voice' Contestant Explains Why She Called Out Jennifer Hudson in a Moment You Didn't See
'The Voice' Contestant Explains Why She Called Out Jennifer Hudson in a Moment You Didn't See
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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The second week of The Voice season 13 kicked off with more stand-out auditions, including several teenagers taking to the stage to perform.

BuddyTV took part in a conference call with the advancing artists from the third night of the Blind Auditions. Shilo Gold explained why she chose Miley Cyrus over Jennifer Hudson, despite initially wanting to go with the latter. Alexandra Joyce revealed that during her montage audition, she put Jennifer on the spot. And Hannah Mrozak talked about how being on American Idol prepared her for The Voice.

Why Did Shilo Gold Change Her Mind and Choose Miley?

Before her Blind Audition, Shilo Gold said that she wanted to be on Jennifer's team. But when the ultimate decision was made, she went with Miley instead. What was her reasoning for this?

"It's really a personal experience when you're standing up on that stage," Shilo told me. "And I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but you know sometimes when you just start talking to someone and you have an immediate chemistry?"

Shilo added that what Miley said really connected to her: "Her biggest point was that when she tours, she has to be really careful about how social she is and how she finds a balance. And she really just pulled at my heartstrings right then because that's my deepest struggle as an artist" since her voice can get exhausted when she's touring full-time. So hearing Miley relate to her in that way clinched the deal for her.

Alexandra Joyce Put Jennifer Hudson on the Spot

There's never enough time to show every single audition on The Voice. Sometimes, singers have to be relegated to a montage. That's what happened with Alexandra Joyce, who revealed that what we didn't see on the show was she put Jennifer Hudson on the spot because she wasn't fighting for her.

"Jennifer just didn't really say much of anything. She just kind of said to me, 'You know, I can't really compete with the other coaches, so good luck.' And I ended up calling her out and saying, 'Well, you haven't said anything to me. What do you have to offer?'"

As a result, Jennifer "sat up in her seat and she really started to talk to me and said, 'I see the drive in you. I see the passion in you I know you have. It doesn't matter who you go with because you have what you need and you know you have what you need to make it.'" It was Jennifer finally getting passionate that secured Alexandra's decision to join her team.

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Alexandra on How Chronic Pain Led Her to Music

Before pursuing music, Alexandra focused on dancing, including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip-hop and point. "I was very passionate about it," she said. "I love all arts, and it was something I could throw my emotion into and really perform."

But then she started experiencing chronic pain, which has yet to be diagnosed. As a result, she moved away from dance and into music. She explained, "Having to leave that definitely pushed me more into my music and helped me to find even more emotion and more passion in my music and has definitely helped to find myself as an artist more. So it's definitely been something that's been an obstacle to get over, but my music has helped me to get over it."

Did Idol Help Prepare Hannah Mrozak for The Voice?

If you didn't know before, Hannah Mrozak previously competed on American Idol during season 14. She made it to the Top 48 but didn't go any further.

Being on Idol "definitely prepared me for [The Voice], mainly because it was a different reality show. And I was so young when I did it; I was about 15 or 16. And I felt like going into the lion's den, almost, kind of going in blind. I wasn't sure of myself both as an artist or as a performer."

But that experience did end up helping her going forward: "I think that that overall experience made me a lot more confident in myself, and it really helped me find who I was. But even over the years, I've still been finding myself. And I truly feel like once I auditioned for The Voice, I'd never been more ready."

Do you think Shilo made the right decision with Miley or should she have gone with Jennifer? What do you make of Alexandra's revelation? Should The Voice have aired that exchange? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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