'The Voice' Contestant Stephan Marcellus Explains What Went Wrong with His Blind Audition
'The Voice' Contestant Stephan Marcellus Explains What Went Wrong with His Blind Audition
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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If the previous three episodes didn't have you convinced, then the fourth night of The Voice season 13 Blind Auditions definitely proved that new coach Jennifer Hudson truly cares about helping the contestants.

BuddyTV participated in a conference call with those advancing artists, including Stephan Marcellus, who explained what it meant to him for Jennifer to turn her chair despite the issues with his audition. Also, Anthony Alexander described what it was like to visit The Voice when his dad worked on the show, as well as being compared to Michael Jackson and Prince. And Karli Webster admits that she's been too afraid to audition -- until now. Read on for all the details.

What Went Wrong with Stephan Marcellus' Audition?

As viewers saw and the coaches pointed out after the fact, Stephan Marcellus' Blind Audition didn't go off smoothly. "What happened in my performance at the beginning was I couldn't really hear the note that I started on, so I thought I was wrong," he told me. "Then I tried to fix it. And, of course, I freaked out in trying to do so. I had to really kind of get my footing and just keep powering through."

But despite those issues, Jennifer Hudson still turned her chair for him. She clearly saw something in him that the other coaches did not. "When Jennifer turned around, I was completely grateful for it because she was still able to see me, which is amazing, through all of that muck," he said. "But as I said, I was completely grateful and just super thankful for the fact that I can continue in the competition and actually show and prove myself. That's pretty much how I felt."

What's It Like Visiting The Voice When You're Not a Contestant?

Anthony Alexander explained on the show that he used to visit the Voice studio when his dad worked there as a camera operator. What was it like to be there not as a contestant?

"It was just super cool in general, just being there, because it's something that a lot of my friends haven't really gotten to experience, just being backstage and seeing all this awesome talent walking back and forth, being backstage seeing a bunch of different personalities and stuff," he said. "And it was just really cool, especially seeing them prepare the stage for the singers and for a lot of the contestants, seeing a lot of great talent."

Anthony added that his favorite contestant to see live was season 9 winner Jordan Smith.

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Anthony Alexander on Being Compared to Michael Jackson and Prince

So Anthony visited The Voice studio before being a contestant. And now that he's on the show himself, he said he's "honored" that the coaches compared his voice to Michael Jackson and Prince. "Honestly, I thought that's the best compliment I've ever gotten. It's just really cool because I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson." He added that sometimes we hear certain up-and-coming singers being compared to giant music stars, and to have that happen to him was great. "I never thought to even take Michael Jackson's place because [he's] such a great performer. And I never thought anyone could replace [him]; I still don't think that now."

When asked if he would ever consider singing a Michael Jackson or Prince song on The Voice, Anthony said he would definitely love to sing their songs.

Why was Karli Webster Too Afraid to Audition in the Past?

Getting up on stage and performing in front of an audience, especially when that audience includes music superstars like Jennifer Hudson and Adam Levine, can be nerve-wracking. That's exactly how Karli Webster felt, since she does not have extensive performing experience (having focused so much of her time on school and work), and it's partly why it took so long for her to get up the courage to actually audition.

"My mom and a lot of my friends have been nagging me to audition for years," she explained. "We always watched the show, and I always dreamed of being on the Blind Audition stage. And no matter how many times they told me [to] just do it, I think I was too afraid."

That fear also stems from her own past failures, as she added, "I've had a lot of closed doors in the past, which I think is what kept me from pursuing music wholeheartedly. I was so afraid to face failure that I just kind of avoided it. And I faced a lot of failure too. I was very afraid."

But Karli finally thought, "What the heck? What's the worst that can happen?" and tried out for The Voice. "Doing The Voice was me having to put both school and work on hold. It was the first opportunity that I really allowed myself to make ... my voice my life because prior to that, I was so focused on school and work that performing full-time wasn't necessarily an option for me."

What did you think of Jennifer turning around for Stephan? Are you looking forward to seeing how she can help him grow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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