'The Voice' Recap: The Top 8 Perform
'The Voice' Recap: The Top 8 Perform
Sundi Rose
Sundi Rose
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The Voice has whittled the competition down to eight semifinalists, and it's getting harder and harder to imagine who will go home every week. The singers will perform for the coaches and fans, like usual, but they also must team up for competitive duets. America has its work cut out for it in the upcoming eliminations, since both the single performances and the duets are up for eliminations. Here are all the performances of the night.

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Adam Cunningham ("I'm Already There") -- Team Adam

Coach Adam always has such high hopes for this singer. He's given Adam C. the power to pick his own songs for the remainder of the competition because he always selects the most moving and powerful songs, and fans respond overwhelmingly. Adam C. says the Lonestar ballad better hit them in their feels or else they better check their pulse. This performance is stripped down and gives everyone the chance to watch him command the stage without distraction. The coaches have nothing but good things to say about him, and Adam Levine predicts he'll be in the Top 5.

Chloe Kohanski vs. Noah Mac ("Wicked Game") -- Team Blake, Team Jennifer

These two are among the youngest left in the competition, but they have the biggest, most soulful voices. Pairing them together pits their unique styles against each other, but they make an incredible sound. The coaches don't weigh in on the duets, but fans can vote for the song using a special hashtag.

Davon Fleming ("Gravity") -- Team Jennifer

Davon speaks about how humbled he is after the recent close call. This John Mayer classic is an extension of his feelings about remaining in the competition despite almost going home. He most certainly sounds different than Mayer, but it's a really cool and interesting reimagining of the song. He takes the end of that song to a place Mayer could never even imagine. The coaches are all equally impressed and heap lots of compliments on him.

Red Marlow ("Go Rest High on That Mountain") -- Team Blake

Red picks this song knowing full well it's a tall order. Blake piles on the pressure by reminding him of the talent pool that "is 100 feet deep." Red uses the loss of his old friend to pull from and adds the grief of that loss to the performance. Vince Gill, according to Blake, began writing this song when Keith Whitley, another country legend, died and finished it when his brother died. The song is loaded with emotion, and Red honors everything the song represents. Miley remembers begging for him in the Blind Auditions, and this performance reminds her of why she was so adamant about having her on his team. Blake agrees. He's something special.

Brooke Simpson vs. Davon Fleming ("Earned It") -- Team Miley, Team Jennifer

These two have become close friends over the course of the competition, and their energy on stage reflects how close they've become. Both of these performers have voices that tear the rafters down. Their rendition of the Weeknd hit is bold and exciting, and really shows the range of these two.

Keisha Renee ("What Hurts the Most") -- Team Blake

Keisha performs a Rascal Flatts ballad, and it's a nice symmetry to the season since they were her mentors early on. The song is about pain in a relationship, but Keisha finds resonance in the song's universal truth about loss. She's definitely getting back to her country inspirations, and she delivers a gorgeous version of this song. Like every song she's performed, she makes it her own, completely and totally. Miley says it all when she says Keisha does it her way.

Adam Cunningham vs. Red Marlow ("Can't You See") -- Team Blake, Team Adam

These two together form the perfect country duo. Their choice of the Marshall Tucker Band has country fans across the country grabbing their phones to show their support. The two are pretty good buddies -- and roommates, apparently -- and have a really cool rhythm on stage together.

Chole Kohanski ("I Want to Know What Love Is") -- Team Blake

Chloe couldn't have picked a better song for her voice and style. Blake echoes a lot of folks' opinions when he remarks on Chloe having a voice that people just want to hear. She has the kind of sound that when you hear it, you have to stop and listen, and you instantly know it's her. She's doing really uniqe and interesting work. The iconic Foreigner song is probably one of the most iconic rock songs of all time, but Chloe made it hers. Blake is passionate about her voice, and I can't disagree about it. She's really freaking amazing.

Keisha Renee vs. Addison Agen ("Strong Enough") -- Team Adam, Team Blake

These two women have formed a bond throughout the competition and have developed a mutual respect for each other's talent and value. Their rendition of the Sheryl Crow heartbreaker doesn't leave a dry eye in the house. Well, not a dry eye in my house anyway. Their voices blend beautifully together and make the song sound completely new.

Noah Mac ("River") -- Team Jennifer

After his slowed-down performance in the Top 10, Noah feels like he needs to up his energy. He really gets into the music in rehearsals, and Jennifer is taken aback with how consumed he becomes with the delivery. The grueling nature of the competition is starting to wear on the 17-year-old, and you can tell he's ready to crank things up a little. His actual performance reflects it and brings all that energy to the stage.

Addison Agen ("Both Sides Now") -- Team Adam

Any time a singer takes on Joni Mitchell, it's a pretty big deal. But 16-year-old Addison's attempt is beautiful and, as Adam says, "cinematic."  Her performance has a dream-like quality as she takes her time with it. Addison has a vulnerability about her that fans react to, and Adam believes she could be the voice. After this performance, I can totally see it. Everything about this performance is beautiful. She is, indeed, a special gift.

Brooke Simpson ("Faithfully") -- Team Miley

Brooke is the last on Miley's team, and the fate of the coach is literally resting on the singer's shoulders. She's dabbled with a lot of other genres, but this is the first power ballad, and Brooke is built to handle this song. She takes to the stage, and you immediately recogonize the song, but you can tell right away that you're hearing something entirely different. Her coach, Miley, is so proud of her, and she demands that Brooke be in the finals -- because if not, what even is The Voice?

Do you think more behind-the-scenes footage with the artists would sway the voting? Do you want to see them in their off-time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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