'The Voice' Recap: A Familiar Face Returns to the Stage
'The Voice' Recap: A Familiar Face Returns to the Stage
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Night three of the Blind Auditions continues to stir up the pot on The Voice season 13. Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus and new coach Jennifer Hudson are battling it out for their teams. As we saw in the season premiere, the country genre is prevalent with the contestants. Will Jennifer find her stride and connect with a similar soulful background? Or will she fall flat on American soil?

Adam Cunningham ("Midnight Rider")

Adam, a 38-year-old Iowa native, is a family man who is no stranger to the music business. He's even worked in the same recording studio as coach Blake. "I would love to be the hero in my family," he says before stepping out and lighting up the stage with this country rock ballad.

Blake is the first to turn around and take to his feet. The last note finally tips Jennifer over the edge, and she hits her button. "Let me teach you about soul," Jennifer pleads, "He can't do that." Blake is not amused. "Congratulations on winning last season in the UK. We're in the United States now."

Result: Team Blake

Hannah Mrozak ("Starving")

Hannah Mrozak, an 18-year-old aesthetician from Wisconsin, was influenced by her late brother to audition for the show. His unfortunate suicide makes for quite the emotional backdrop for her performance.

Three coaches immediately turn around. Blake, Adam and Jennifer all look very impressed, giving a standing ovation. Jennifer makes good points, stating that it should be an issue that Adam has no women on his team, and Blake calls her a "back-up singer." Well, Hannah has a pop sound, so she chooses the obvious.

Result: Team Adam

Shilo Gold ("Stay with Me Baby")

Shilo Gold is a 26-year-old Bostonian who comes from a long lineage of musically inclined family members. She states early on that she would pick Jennifer as her coach. She has the soul that Jennifer keeps referring to and, unfortunately, it looks like not one chair will turn for her.

Wait! At the very last second, both Jennifer and Miley agree to hit their buttons at the same time. "If we could combine our voices together," says Miley, "then it might be you." She has the range and the rasp. In a huge turn of events, it may have been that very compliment that changes Shilo's decision.

Result: Team Miley

Samantha Rios ("Something's Got a Hold on Me")

Samantha Rios is a first generation American after her Latin parents immigrated to Virginia. She's already achieved one of the highest honors at the young age of 16, having sung for former President Obama at the White House. She hits the stage as a powerhouse, but the coaches are waiting for that "it" factor. No one turns around, but the coaches all agree that she has potential. Jennifer takes the time during a hug to give her notes to learn from and encourages her to come back again. "I wish I could have picked her," says Jennifer just a little too late. 

Result: No one turns a chair

Noah Mac ("Way Down We Go")

This 17-year-old has the looks of a boy band member but the influences of soul, R&B and gospel. His family first learned of his talents when he volunteered to sing at his late sister's funeral after losing her fight against brain cancer.

An emotional story leads into quite the emotional performance as Noah commands the stage with a voice beyond his years. Jennifer turns first, and Blake follows. They lead the audience in a standing ovation. "Whoa, you're hot," says Miley. Adam quickly reminds her that he's underage, and the conversation moves back to the matter at hand. Jennifer needs her first artist, but Blake is probably the better and more fitting choice.

Result: Team Blake

Davon Fleming ("Me and Mrs. Jones")

Davon, 26 years old, has been though a lot growing up in Baltimore, but he lifts spirits as a worship leader in church. He wants the coaches to hear his heart on stage. Adam, Miley and Jennifer immediately hear that heart speaking to them. Blake is the last to turn around, but he hardly skips a beat. Jennifer's shoe has come off and flown across the floor for these vocals. Carson Daly and Davon's mother and friend are backstage high-fiving their shoes.

"You're gonna be in the finale," says Blake. His statement is bold, but Jennifer wins Davon over with a duet. She grabs a microphone from somewhere (I know not where) and joins him onstage for a duet of Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. Adam reminds Davon that having a bond is great, but you need someone who will take you where you need to go. Everyone's argument is so strong. Who will welcome Davon onto their team?

Result: Team Jennifer

Kathrina Feigh ("Big White Room")

All the way from the Philippines, this 24-year-old is all about family. Kathrina is putting a musical theatre background on hold in order to audition for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Her voice is beautiful, but the performance is a bit lackluster until it slowly starts to pick up. Possibly a bad song choice, though.

Jennifer and Blake decide to go for it and turn around at the last minute. "It moved me," Jennifer compliments the performance. Kathrina chimes in that she's seen Jennifer in The Color Purple on Broadway. "I played on Broadway," adds Blake, "in Nashville." Not quite where this artist is looking to go, Blake.

Result: Team Jennifer

Audition Montage

Jennifer and Blake continue to add to their teams as the night goes on. Alexandra Joyce and Eric Lyn join Team Jennifer and Team Blake welcomes Anna Catharine DeHart.

Addison Agen ("Jolene")

Sixteen-year-old Addison has music in her veins. Her father owns a record store and her mother is a music therapist. She believes all the coaches would be great for her and her American folk genre.

Adam and Miley turn their chairs after just a few moments of this soulful and passionate performance. Jennifer is hesitant but never hits her button. Blake admits that he stepped back in order for Addison to join Miley's team. This won't stop Adam from fighting, though. "You were so just full of life and emotion," he says. "I feel like I can relate to you in a way that Adam can't," Miley states. It's a tennis match! Who wins?

Result: Team Miley

Adam Pearce ("Hot Blooded")

You might recognize this face from last season. Disappointed after no one turned their chairs for him, he's back for a second chance. "Still on the grind," as he calls it, Adam has consulted with two vocal coaches and fronted his band regularly since we last saw him. Adam and Miley turn around at the same exact time. "His voice is dope!" yells Miley. "So I've been coaching you since last season," Adam jokes, since he is the one who encouraged Adam to work hard and come back. Blake fights for Miley and makes quite the argument, but in the end the Adams stick together.

Result: Team Adam

Myles Frost ("My Cherie Amour")

Myles Frost, a teenager from Washington, DC, always had music to fall back on through tough times growing up. His vocal performance is strong, but his stage presence is a tad boring. He dances more in the package than for the coaches. Even though they can't see him, they must know somehow because no one turns around. "Go work on your craft and come back," says Adam. Jennifer points out that Stevie Wonder is hard to take on. Perhaps, it was the song choice that did him in. Hopefully, we haven't seen the last of Myles.

Result: No one turns a chair

Moriah Formica ("Crazy on You")

Moriah is 16 years old but, thanks to her father, a lover of classic rock. She's even opened for the lead singer of Stryper, Michael Sweet. She takes to the stage, guitar in hand, and lights up the room with a fantastic performance.

Miley turns around first.  Blake, Adam and Jennifer all hit their buttons after one incredible note. Everyone is on their feet. "Like a pint-sized powerhouse," says Adam. He's right. No one expected these vocals to come from such a small girl. Each coach states their case. Blake mentions her talent, Miley relates to her age, Adam loves that she has an old soul and Jennifer seemed to just enjoy the performance, period. In the end, I think the "big sister" advice makes more of an impression.

Result: Team Miley

It's been a very well-rounded episode. The artists made their way out of country, through some soul and finally ended up in the rock and roll genre. It's expected to find new talent in the artists that grace the stage each week, yet the new lineup of coaches brings a different dynamic to the show with changes made each season. Jennifer Hudson looks to be slightly distracted by her own celebrity, but hopefully this will fade as the season continues.

Did the contestants make the right choices? Which coaches would you have paired them with? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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