'The Voice' Recap: A Soulful Dad Steals the Spotlight
'The Voice' Recap: A Soulful Dad Steals the Spotlight
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It is night four of the Blind Auditions, and The Voice is well underway to finding its 14th crowned champion! Joining season veterans Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are familiar face Alicia Keys and newcomer Kelly Clarkson. Each coach is vying for the top spot and boasting rights, but it all comes down to the talent. Host Carson Daly presents the first of many country-inspired artists and one very special musical talent.

Spensha Baker ("Blackbird")

This gospel singer turned real estate agent has returned to her musical roots via a soulful country genre. As so much rides on this audition, it's only expected that some tentative nerves may show on her face at the beginning of her performance. It doesn't take long for her voice to truly take off. Kelly and Blake hit their buttons at the same time, turning around to an emotional Spensha. 

Before even realizing that the contestant is looking to make a career in country music, Kelly and Blake plead their cases. Adam steps in to shine some light on Team Kelly, but ultimately it comes down to which coach will steer Spensha exactly where she dreams of going.

Result: Spensha joins Team Blake

Alexa Cappelli ("I've Got the Music in Me")

Teenager Alexa may look like your everyday girl-next-door, but she hits the stage with a 1970s flare with this performance. Her tone and runs are impressive. The soul is there, and her presence is somehow different than other teens one may see on these talent shows. 

Adam and Kelly both turn their chairs, and Alexa shares a once-in-a-lifetime moment with Kelly, singing her song "People Like Us." We know where this one is going. Not even Adam can deny fate as he presses his button repeatedly, triggering that infamous 40-Year-Old Virgin line, "Ahh! Kelly Clarkson!"

Result: Alexa joins Team Kelly

Adrian Brannan ("Two More Bottles of Wine")

Adrian specializes not just in country music but also in cowboy music where you sing about what happens day-to-day in the life of a cowboy. She is very comfortable onstage and having a great time. But as Kelly points out, she cannot understand what she's saying. No one turns their chairs. I believe I share Alicia's reaction as she just kind of looks around wondering, "Okay, what's happening?" A great personality, but good luck next time, Adrian!

Result: Not one hits their buttons

Wilkes ("One Headlight")

Stay-at-home dad Wilkes is yet another country music hopeful. His long locks of orange hues aren't his only impressive quality. He has a rock star presence onstage, and taking this particular song to the place he does is interesting. The coaches look back and forth and around the studio as they try to decide what to do. Not a good sign. At the very last moment, Adam and Blake hit their buttons and spin around.

Result: Wilkes joins Team Blake

Jaron Strom ("This Magic Moment")

Don't judge a book by its cover. Jaron is heavily influenced by Motown, thanks to his grandfather. He has a great tone of voice, a crooner that can stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes. It may not be something never-before-heard, but it's good nonetheless. Blake is the only coach to turn his chair.

Result: Jaron joins Team Blake

Terrence Cunningham ("My Girl")

The great nephew of the great folk singer Etta Baker, Terrence is first and foremost a piano player. With his daughter in mind and heart, Terrence takes to the stage. Just with the first few chords, Adam then Alicia and finally both Kelly and Blake turn around. He isn't even 30 seconds into the song! No one can argue their swift decisions, though. This performance is like none other. He's given a standing ovation by everyone in the room. 

Alicia feels the magic that has just dispersed throughout the room as she mentions that if she has done anything right, it has been to join The Voice "only" to meet Terrence. It's the right space and the right connection, and a divine moment has just occurred. How can any of the other coaches beat that?

Result: Terrence joins Team Alicia

What are your thoughts so far? Who was your favorite of the country artists? Has Terrence won the entire show just by his audition? (I'll definitely be casting my vote for him, but he's already up against some stiff competition.) Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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