'The Voice' Recap: Does Miley Cyrus Form an All-Female Team?
'The Voice' Recap: Does Miley Cyrus Form an All-Female Team?
Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker
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It's the final night of the Blind Auditions for The Voice season 13, and there are only a few spots left open after the previous episode. While Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus each just need one more person on their teams, Adam Levine still needs two more.

Adding an extra layer to this is Miley's plan to create the first all-female Voice team. This might have her choosing someone who isn't the best among the final voices just to keep with her unique idea.

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Kristi Hoopes ("Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love")

First up is 19-year-old Kristi from Parker, Colorado, referring to herself as "The Hippie Chick with Twang" because she's into '70s fashion. She's always loved country music, especially Loretta Lynn, but of course puts her own "hippie chick" spin on it. She moved closer to Nashville while pursuing a degree after she graduated high school.

Kristi definitely puts her own unique twang on the song, and Blake notices, of course, with Adam and Jennier spinning their chairs as well. Miley thinks she's the singer Adam has been looking for. And it's true, as Adam tells her she would be his only country artist, giving her a better chance at winning. Jennifer loves her sass as well as her big voice. Blake recognizes her big range and knows it opens her up, but the other coaches see her as more than country.

Result: Team Blake, the last member of his team.

Michael Kight ("Sugar")

Michael, 25, of Dublin, Georgia, doesn't even remember getting into music but knows there are videos of him singing when he was 4 years old. His dad raised him on Motown with a kick of Elvis and Johnny Cash. He knows some might hear his voice and think he's a country singer, but he sees himself as more of a soul/pop/R&B guy and thinks his style leans towards Adam.

He sings the song much slower and with more of an R&B feel to it, and Adam is the first and only one to hit his button, though Miley stands up and says she wouldn't know what to do with his voice as "my voice is lower than both y'alls." Adam explains that it's hard when someone does your song because he knows it so well. Jennifer adds that she felt the soul he added to the song.

Result: Team Adam

Jeremiah Miller ("Slow Hands")

This 18-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas, says his big thing growing up was wrestling. He was also the guy singing the national anthem at his wrestling meets. He was supported by his parents, who were in a Christian rock band. Since then, he's done some outdoor bussing. College is on hold for him while he explores music.

Singing in his audition, Jeremiah seems to have come a long way from either Christian rock or the national anthem. Adam and Jennifer both turn for him. Miley is excited to see what his eventual coach does with his voice, as she'd love to hear more of that grittiness. Adam heard some flaws but also heard some raw qualities he liked. Jennifer sees a future star in him and likes that he is faith-driven.

Result: Team Jennifer, the last member of her team.

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Serina Rae ("Stand By Me")

This 17-year-old from Panama City Beach, Florida, had designs on joining the Navy and was about to sign the papers but then had a call to be on The Voice. Her dad went through two tours in Vietnam, and her brother has been serving two years as a Marine. She sings in Spanish and covers Selena's songs, singing at restaurants around her state.

Serina sings in honor of her brother in both Spanish and English, confusing the coaches, who believe that it's two people singing. Adam tells her she has a very strong voice, and Miley explains that she thought it was two because there was a very strong voice in her upper range and a less-strong voice throughout the lower notes. Jennifer encourages her to come back, while Blake thinks it's cool that she sang in two languages.

Result: No one turns their chair.

Megan Rose ("Ode to Billie Joe")

Megan, 20, from San Francisco, Calfornia, has grown up on country music. She decided to go to a local college because she wanted to be closer to her dad, who was diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis before she was born. She finds it incredible that her dad can be here to hear her audition for the show. She tries to peform as much as she can, but it's difficult to sing country in San Francisco.

She does her country roots proud with this rendition of a classic. Adam and Miley both turn for her. Miley greets her on the stage and begs her to pick her, while Adam encourages her to sit in his chair as he and Miley both work on courting Megan to join their teams. Miley works on her with the all-girl team she's forming, and Jennifer backs that up, saying how powerful it would be, much to Adam's dismay.

Result: Team Miley, the last member of her team.

Gary Carpentier ("Home")

Gary, 26 and from Oswego, New York, played baseball his entire life and even went to college with a baseball consideration, though he knows now that he should have focused more on his scholastics. That made him realize that his true calling is music. He sings at bars and restaurants now and even met his fiancee at one of his gigs.

As the only coach with a spot left on his team, Adam hits his button, turning his chair as Gary sings a beautiful version of this song. The coaches all sing the song along with him from their chairs. Adam tells him he gets to go home knowing that he's the guy that he drove everyone in the room crazy waiting for him.

Result: Team Adam, the last member of his team.

Next time on The Voice, the Battle rounds begin, with the contestants fighting each other for a spot on the coaches' teams. The advisors this time around will be Rascal Flatts working with Blake, Kelly Rowland working with Jennifer, Joe Jonas working with Adam, and Billy Ray Cyrus working with daughter Miley.

It should prove to be an interesting season with Miley making Voice history by creating the first all-female team.

What effect will Miley's team have on the voting? Will she be more likely to get a contestant into the finale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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