'The Voice' Recap: The Blind Auditions End with Powerful Performances and Stories
'The Voice' Recap: The Blind Auditions End with Powerful Performances and Stories
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The Voice ends the Blind Auditions with this, the sixth round. Thankfully, they step things up considerably from the disappointing fifth round by not only making things shorter and tighter but also filling the auditions with a higher level of talent. The winner of The Voice season 14 might not be in this final group, but the chances that they could be here are high enough. Perhaps the best thing in the final Blind Audition episode is that the stakes are immediately set for the audience, since Adam needs two artists and everyone else needs one to complete their teams.

Genesis Diaz ("Praying")

Genesis is a 19-year-old daughter of two Cuban immigrants who speak almost no English. It's the typical Voice tug-at-your-heartstrings backstory, which does sort of smooth over the fact that Genesis' voice is rather pitchy. She has power but little control. 

If Genesis isn't pitted against a better and controlled singer in the Battles -- the likeliest scenario -- she's going to need some mentoring to improve. Thankfully, Adam has the best proven track record with that type of singer. It's a blessing for Genesis that he turns around for her.

Result: Genesis chooses Team Adam

Sharane Calister ("Make It Rain")

If Sharane does become a superstar, which is a big "if," her life is begging to made into a movie. She was put into the foster care system as a young kid, which caused her to be separated from her twin sister. However, the two finally reunited when they were 18 and they ended up at the same high school. If you don't want to see that movie, you're lying to yourself.

As for her voice, Sharane has the loud, soulful boom that's perfect for Team Alicia. It's so perfect that none of the other coaches really bother going after Sharane once Alicia turns.

The only one who does challenge Alicia is Kelly, though that's just because Alicia yells at Kelly to push her button. I'm aware that Alicia has won The Voice, but she still might not know how this competition works after this stunt or else she's getting very cocky. After that move, it would be sweet revenge for Kelly to snatch Sharane away, but the long-lost twin goes the other way. One coach's team is now full!

Result: Sharane chooses Team Alicia

Dallas Caroline ("Always On My Mind")

According to Dallas' mom, Dallas is "named after the country song 'Dallas' by Alan Jackson." Dallas' mother either doesn't know that Dallas is also a city or doesn't care, but both are equally disturbing. 

Yet the craziest thing is that Dallas isn't even much of a country singer. She does sing a Willie Nelson song, but she's on the border of pop music, if she doesn't have several toes over the line. It's probably that crossover appeal that inspires all the coaches whose teams have open spots to turn around for Dallas, yet she chooses the most obvious and dumbest route for herself, filling another coach's team.

Result: Dallas chooses Team Blake 

Allen Pride Bowser ("What You Won't Do for Love")

Allen has the most Philadelphia name ever, and it makes it even better, from my perspective, that he "chose" the name Pride for himself. As fun as Allen's name is, his voice is tremendous. Evidently, Kelly and Adam don't agree. 

Though Allen has a powerful and original tone, neither remaining coach is particularly inspired by his voice. Allen getting passed over isn't quite as aggravating as Mercedes being ignored in the fifth round, but it's pretty close.

Result: Allen goes home

Jackie Verna ("Peter Pan") 

Jackie is a 21-year-old from West Chester, Pennsylvania, whose deepest ambition was to be an Alabama cheerleader. This is a thing that deserves to be mocked, but The Voice kills everyone's buzz, rightfully, by revealing that Jackie was in a bad car accident that caused some severe cranial trauma. This ruined her cheerleading hopes. It's just cruel to make fun of Jackie's confusing and silly dreams now.

Thankfully, she's much better off as a singer than a cheerleader. Jackie is a country-pop singer. While she's probably not the best of that genre on the show, she's up there. So it ends up being quite a steal for Adam, when he's the only one to turn around. Kelly explains that she's "looking for someone special." 

Result: Jackie is forced onto Team Adam 

Amber Sauer ("Shape of You") 

That someone special is Amber, who doesn't just have a great voice but also a story that blows Sharane's long-lost twin tale out of the water. Amber was given up for adoption, but her biological sister (older, younger, twin -- it's unclear) stayed with her parents. Only the slightest details are teased, and there desperately needs to be more of them. 

Weirdly, though, Amber's story is easily forgettable when she opens her mouth to sing. Her voice is powerful and interesting. Jackie was a good grab from Team Adam, but Amber is an even better acquisition for Team Kelly and everyone knows it. 

It's overkill that The Voice ends Amber's audition and the official filling of all the teams with confetti but only slightly.

Result: Amber is forced onto Team Kelly

What did you make of the final Blind Auditions of the season? Did The Voice save some of the best talent for last? Did Adam or Kelly have the best one-chair turn? Are you sad that there will be no more Allen Pride? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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